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South-western home decor upholsteries

South-western home décor will provide the designed space both exterior and interior a craggy touch of sizzling spin.

A model south-western decorated home

If you are from Mexico, then this will appropriately match you. Anyone who wants to give a try to decorating theme of south-western, just fetch the archetypal Santa style. Rightly you will start to feel the 21st century with warmth style of the south-west.

Start from your entrance – the gates of wooden planks with Mexican style courtyard prepared with red bricks. The garden detached from home could be with landscaped lawns & grasses, crystal blue pool of clear water, (upgraded eco-friendly water system).

Living room: The ceilings are roofed with planks of pine vigas giving a beautiful & dark feel while entering the room and gives darker and/or warmth feel in the compact room spaces. Window treatments of French wood flood ample amount of natural light and doors are of same French wood with brightened up space.

Cooking space: The south-western character is brought you by an arrangement of local paintings, jute baskets, heterogeneous stuff and custom cabinets. Dining sets are of mix from both old & new cabinets from various time periods of Mexican culture. And the Santa Fe models of the 18th century from Violante and Rochford depict the perfect south-western style. The chandeliers of local artisans and craftsmen will give a picture of perfect south-western style.

Bedrooms: Either master bedrooms or guest rooms, as per south-western home décor style, they might be with neutral colors, sophisticated Mexican aesthetic pieces, and European style of linens, art & artefacts collection from Spanish colonial will together give a blended feel.

Sitting room: The cozy sitting area would be with fireplace, plastered walls, and carved wooden doors of French wood together will give a feel of south-western touch.

Kids bedroom: Kids bedroom would be greatly decorated with knitted red shutters, linens from Violante & Rochford and wooden beds & windows with shutters.

Décor stuff: Listed below are few of the stuff that are exclusive for south-western home décor style.

  • Dream catcher of black pheasant feathers
  • Printed feathers of tribal art for hangings
  • Pillows & pillow covers of orange and turquoise shade patterns
  • Native American style of tribal tassel
  • Abstract paintings of turquoise black on canvas texture
  • Wreaths of chilli red color
  • Landscape painting of ‘great canyon moment’, ‘sunset’, and monuments of Arizona
  • Cabinet buffet of wrought-iron base
  • Crossed arrows on canvas texture in deep orange color
  • Antique spurs of cowboy style
  • Needle baskets made up of pine
  • Moccasins based on vintage models
  • Hand-made rugs of vintage style
  • Photos of National park, Joshua tree, Palm spring desert, and art prints in vintage blue shade and yellow shade
  • Tree topper made up of copper
  • Steer horns
  • Cabinet knobs made up of red stones
  • Fabrics printed with botanical illustration, tropical trees and desert plants
  • Cover set of duvets
  • Texas arts depicting Houston, Ohio, and monuments of Texas
  • Wallpapers & wall decors printed with tribal arrows, and Aztec patterns
  • Pots designed with scenery of mid-century American, archetypal Jemez style and shabby chic patterns

And to the simple can say that, even when you don’t find such typical south-western home décor stuff, just the rugs and tiles of the south-west parts will speak a lot about its style.