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3 Important Signs of a Good Asphalt Paving

Have you ever driven over a crack, a section of messed up asphalt work, or a poorly paved road? Then you know how important it is to get the asphalt paving, excavation, and crack repair job done right. Asphalt paving in Salt Lake City, Utah, is essential for keeping the roads and parking lots safe for drivers and pedestrians. We at Miller Paving take asphalt services (excavation, asphalt crack repair, and asphalt paving) very seriously. Here are 5 signs to look for that indicate a good-quality asphalt service:

1.   The surface is even and free of bumps and cracks.

Asphalt materials should be evenly spread across the area without clumps, small rocks, gravel, and other debris on top of the asphalt material. A good asphalt paving job has no visible excess sealant or material and no signs of wear and tear or weathering even after a few years.

2.   The edges are smooth and well-defined.

A poorly laid asphalt will likely be very soft along the edges and appear patchy. Some parts look lighter or darker than the rest of the area. A good asphalt paving job has a uniform color throughout the surface. This is important to note because asphalt generally looks black, especially asphalt paving in shadier areas or asphalt paving done with darker asphalt mixes during hotter months.

3.   The joints are tight and properly spaced.

If they’re not, water can get in and cause all sorts of problems, such as potholes and water infiltration. A sealant is often applied to new asphalt paving jobs immediately after the material has been placed. This helps to keep moisture out and extends the life of the pavement. So, if you’ve ever noticed a nasty crack on the road, it’s probably because the joint wasn’t properly sealed in the first place. Don’t worry, though—Miller Paving is an expert in asphalt paving services.

Asphalt paving is one of those tasks that is best left to professionals. Contact our team in Utah so we can assist you with your project needs and inquiries. We are committed to provide you with exceptional service.

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