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4 Health Issues Duct Cleaning Could Alleviate

The air ducts in your home or the building you work in play a bigger role in alleviating or exacerbating respiratory illnesses than you may initially think. Air ducts essentially act as the respiratory system of a building, making regular duct cleaning a must.

Air ducts that have been left unmaintained can quickly lead to a sharp decline in indoor air quality, which can have a detrimental impact on even the mildest of respiratory illnesses. Allergens that have built up inside air ducts can be recirculated back out into the air, where they can trigger asthmatic episodes in asthma sufferers. There are also other health issues that regular duct cleaning can help to alleviate. This article will detail four common health issues a thorough duct cleaning could help ease.


A common respiratory illness that regular duct cleaning can help to alleviate is asthma. For asthma sufferers, having the ducts in their home or office regularly cleaned is crucial, as failure to do so can result in immense discomfort and the inability to complete even the most simplest of everyday tasks. Particles such as dust mites, pet hair and dead skin can build up inside air ducts over time, aggravating asthmatic symptoms and even triggering asthmatic episodes. If you’re an asthma sufferer and find it harder to breathe in some areas of the home or office than others, it may be time to consider having your duct system inspected and cleaned.


Emphysema poses many issues to individuals who suffer from the condition. Those afflicted often report shortness of breath, and the condition can even trigger a secondary condition known as chronic bronchitis. Emphysema reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the bloodstream, and chronic bronchitis causes a persistent cough due to inflammation in the tubes that carry air to the lungs.

If you’re a sufferer of these conditions in tandem, the last thing you need on top of that is to be breathing in dirty air that’s being recirculated through your home or workspace. While these conditions themselves are persistent, carrying out a duct cleaning will certainly go a long way to at least taking the edge off of these symptoms.

Seasonal Allergies

For those suffering from seasonal allergies, duct cleaning is often thought of as a common-sense move. Having the ducts in your home regularly cleaned and maintained is the best way to mitigate allergy flare-ups and improve overall indoor air quality. Failure to do so can result in dust, pet dander and even mould spores recirculating through the air, causing allergy sufferers to have coughing fits, sneezing fits and flare-ups. There’s no reason to put up with this constant irritation when having your duct system inspected and cleaned can be done with minimal effort and cost.


Believe it or not, but a neglected duct system in your home can actually contribute to an exacerbation of eczema symptoms. The mould and mildew that’s commonly found in poorly maintained air ducts can circulate through the air, worsening skin issues such as eczema, rashes and hives. Professional duct cleaning may be an easy fix for anyone who suffers from skin and irritation issues.

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