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4 Occasions That Call for Ordering Custom Engraved Plaques

Special events and occasions call for celebrations. Along with the parties, speeches, and other events that take place, preparing something that’s intended to remain with the guest of honor for the rest of his or her life is a must. This is where the idea of preparing custom engraved plaques comes into the picture. If you’re wondering when a plaque should be part of the celebration, consider these four occasions. They may inspire you to consider ordering a custom plaque for an event you’ll be spearheading in the future.

Recognition of an Employee of the Month

Employers often seek to find ways that they can recognize employees who go above and beyond to benefit the business. It may be something like coming up with an idea that saves the company money, exceeding a sales goal, or otherwise performing a task that provides long-term benefits to the business.

The recognition may include monetary rewards, a banquet, and other forms of celebration. To top off those gestures, preparing a plaque that makes note of the occasion is a nice touch. Long after the celebration is over, the plaque serves as a reminder of the contribution made by that employee.

The Retirement of a Valued Employee

In an age when it’s more common for people to change employers several times during their working life, an employee who remains with the company for decades is certainly worthy of recognition. When such an employee reaches the age of retirement and decides it’s time to leave the career behind, it makes sense to honor the employee in more than one way.

Along with a dinner, some sort of retirement package, and other gestures, preparing a special plaque that recognizes the years of dedicated service provides a lasting memorial that the employee can enjoy from now on. How elaborate it happens to be is up to the employer; as long as it conveys the sentiment of appreciation for the years of hard work, the design is sure to be a hit.

Designation of a Site With Historical Significance

The preservation of building and properties that have historical significance is important to many communities. Even homes that are still used as residences may be recognized based on when they were built, who did the design and construction, or who lived there in times past.

In these scenarios, those custom engraved plaques may be ordered by the present property owners, or they may be present by a local historical society or even the local municipality. Typically, they will be displayed in a prominent location on the property, allowing others to know what significant event took place.

Commemoration of a Life Well Lived

While traditional burials are still common, more people are opting to be cremated rather than maintain a family cemetery plot. Not everyone chooses to have the cremains housed in an urn; there are those who prefer for their ashes to be scattered in a location that had deep significance to them during their lives. That means there may not be a headstone in a cemetery to serve as a reminder of the person’s life.

More families are opting to prepare memorial plaques that can be kept in the home or even included in a garden settings as one way to remember their loved ones who have passed on. A professional can aid in selecting the right materials, based on where the plaque will be placed.

These are only some ideas of when a custom plaque can be appropriate. Consider your upcoming event and how a plaque would fit into the memorial or celebration. You may find that it’s a better fit than you realized.

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