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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Carpets

Carpets exist in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns to complement the interior design of your house, and there are few joys like strolling barefoot on a smooth and velvety rug. After a long day in closed boots or high heels, your feet will appreciate the soft and comforting feel of carpets. While the pleasure and convenience they provide are limitless, cleaning them is no easy task. Inadequate carpet maintenance may lead to mold formation, poor air quality, and health risks. Rug cleaning Canoga Park pros can come and clean them for you. Many individuals attempt to clean carpets on their own, and while doing so, they make a few apparent blunders. Here are some carpet cleaning blunders to avoid.

1.     Scrubbing a rug stain vigorously

Scrubbing your carpet vigorously can destroy the fibers. Not only is intense scrubbing useless in removing stains from the carpet, but it will almost certainly drive the stain further into the carpet. Scrubbing also harms the carpet fibers by untwisting and fraying them. Using a blotting action is significantly safer. Blot and soak as much of the stuff as possible using a clean white cloth.

2.     Choosing the Incorrect Stain Removal Product

Simply because you have a minor stain on your carpeting doesn’t imply you can clean it with anything. There is a lot of misleading information on the internet about using “natural” remedies to remove carpet stains. Those bloggers, of course, will not be there to help you if you ruin your rug by using an inappropriate stain removal product. Carpet fibers are created from various components, each of which must be treated in a particular manner. Your carpets manufacturer is the only source you can rely on for advice on which products are safe to use on your carpet.

3.     Not cleaning up spills right away

Spills are unavoidable if you have children and dogs at home, so don’t put off cleaning until later. If liquid spills, wipe it up promptly with a soft cloth, or it will soak deep into the fragile fibers. Similarly, if baby food spills on the rug, clean it right away, or it may dry up and become difficult to remove.

4.     Using an excessive amount of water

Water is among your best allies when it comes to stain removal, but it’s also the cause of numerous carpet cleaning errors. You should use a small quantity of water to assist release stains. It may be quite effective when combined with a decent carpet-cleaning product. However, if you use excess water, you risk damaging the glue that keeps your carpet in place. Mold may also be encouraged to grow. The secret to using water wisely is to use it sparingly!

5.     Not Using a Professional

While cutting costs on carpet cleaning is a great way to stretch your budget, you will not receive more than you paid for. When you contact a professional crew to clean your rugs, you can be confident that they will be properly and adequately cleaned, particularly if you have not done so in a long time. It would help if you planned to have your carpet professionally cleaned quarterly or biannually.


Avoiding these cleaning blunders will be beneficial in the long term. Aside from increasing the life of your carpets, you’ll save money on costly carpet replacement, so apply the proper cleaning procedures to restore your rugs, so they look as good as new ones.

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