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5 Elements every Modern Living Room Should Have

Putting some thought into designing the living room decor is important as you entertain all your guests here. It is crucial that you include each and every element of the living room to make it appear complete. Bringing together pieces that complement each other into your space will help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. In many cases, homeowners often forget to add a few things to the living room design. Hence, mentioned below are a few items that will make your living room appear appealing and complete:

1 ) Hang artwork

While designing your living room, you should always consider adding artwork to the setup. They make a room come alive. Also, you will find plenty of options in terms of colours, designs, styles, patterns, etc. Hence, you will not face any issue in finding the perfect piece that meets your taste and preferences. You can either choose small and subtle artworks or go bold with large pieces. Many contemporary artwork designs are available in a cluster to cover more wall space. Always make sure to measure the wall before choosing the artwork.

2 ) Do not forget about window treatments

One of the prime elements of your living room design is the window treatments. Without the window treatments, your living room will appear incomplete. They have a huge impact on the overall appeal of the room. Given the wide variety of colours, fabrics, patterns, designs, types, materials, etc. available in the market, you will not face difficulty in finding window treatments that complement the home interior design. Also, good quality window treatments help to ensure privacy and block natural light from entering indoors when required. Choose premium quality window treatments to bring some sophistication to your living room design.

3 ) Throw in a few pillows

Experts always recommend adding a few accent pillows to the setup. They bring style, warmth, vibrance, and comfort to a room. The main reason behind throwing in accent pillows is adding some colours that contrast the colour of the furniture pieces and create a more vibrant look. You should choose the pillow size depending on the type of furniture pieces in your living room design. Also, look for shapes, designs, and sizes that blend in easily with the setup. You can create a plush and luxe effect by using slightly smaller pillow covers for the pillows.

4 ) Add a blanket

To add more warmth, colours, and textures to the home interior design, you can consider adding a blanket to the setup. It is better if you opt for a regular size blanket instead of a large blanket. Choose the same colour for the blanket that you have used for the other prime elements in the room like the rug, furniture, artwork, or pillows. This is will help to maintain a balance in the interior design. While choosing the blanket, do not go just by its look. A pretty-looking blanket may not have a good quality fabric or feel very comfortable.

5 ) Accents

After taking care of the essentials of your living room design, it is time to concentrate on adding the finishing touch to your décor. There many decor items available in the market like vases, figurines, candleholders, lanterns, canisters, etc. that you can consider. However, you should always consider the placement positions before buying the decor items. Traditionally, you should place one on the coffee table. However, you can place a few on the furniture pieces and side tables as well. If you like adding flowers to the setup, vases are the perfect addition to your home interior design. They are a versatile item and you can place them almost anywhere. Nevertheless, make sure that you do not overcrowd the room with decor items.

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