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5 Reasons People Love Mountain Modern Architecture

Move to a state like Utah or Idaho and you are bound to see plenty of mountain modern architecture. Though this particular architectural style is considered fairly new, it has really caught on. People from all walks of life seem to love it. If you are not familiar with mountain modern, you really should look into it.

The mountain modern concept combines contemporary design with a classic mountain environment to create structures that seem like they were born out of the landscape. That is the key element of the design style. You could build a mountain modern home in a suburban Florida neighborhood, but it would look terribly out of place. Build that same home in the mountains of Utah and it fits right in.

Sparano + Mooney is a high end residential architectural firm that specializes in mountain modern architecture. They are based in Park City, Utah but design structures all over the country. They say there are many reasons people love mountain modern. Here are just five of them:

1. Fantastic Views

A hallmark of mountain modern design is taking advantage of fantastic mountain views. People looking to build homes in this style want to be able to see incredible landscapes from every room in the home. As such, architects look to position homes in ways that maximize views.

2. Floor-To-Ceiling Glass

One way to maximize views is to design a mountain modern home with plenty of floor-to-ceiling glass. In fact, architects do just that. For example, a home’s great room might feature a vaulted ceiling for extra height. At least one of the exterior walls would feature floor-to-ceiling glass with an unimpeded view of whatever part of the land the homeowner finds most appealing.

In other rooms, like the kitchen and bedrooms, a bit more privacy might be desired. Still, the rooms feature more glass than you would find in other types of architecture.

3. Wide-Open Spaces

Another great mountain modern feature that people seem to love are the wide-open spaces. Mountain modern relies on open floor plans more often than not. Architects like to minimize divisions between rooms, so that one space flows into another. This is perfectly in keeping with the vast openness of your typical mountain range.

Designing wide-open spaces opens the door to incredible great rooms, magnificent fireplaces, exposed wood beams, and more. Outside, vast patio and deck areas only add to the feeling of space.

4. Everything Is Big

In keeping with the fact that mountains are big, mountain modern architecture strives to achieve ‘bigness’ in just about everything. Homes are generally in excess of 2500 square feet. They feature oversized roof trusses with dramatic lines. Everything from overhangs to entryways are much bigger than they need to be.

5. Natural Building Materials

Some people adore mountain modern architecture due to its emphasis on natural building materials. In a truly mountain modern home, you will see plenty of exposed wood. Some of it might be painted, but most of it will be sealed with a clear sealant that brings out the natural beauty of the grain.

What you will not see a lot of are synthetic materials. Instead of linoleum floors, you will see wood or stone. Instead of Formica countertops, you will find granite or marble. Tying everything together will be local sourcing. Mountain modern builders source building materials locally whenever possible.

Mountain modern architecture is not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who prefer it, there is plenty to love. There’s nothing quite like a custom-built home designed to look and feel like it came right out of the mountain.

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