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5 Small Environmental Changes You Can Make at Home

There has been a big buzz over environmentally friendly changes that everyone can make to help keep the planet a happier and healthier place, and while there is no way individuals can do everything themselves, it can feel good to contribute to a better world.

If this is the position you are in, then you might be interested in taking your own small steps to create positive changes for the environment.

This piece will take a look at the small changes you can make around your home.

1.    Choose to Shop for Local Foods

If you want to help the environment and your local community, then shopping locally is the one of the best ways to do it. Shopping for food locally means you are not contributing to the airmiles that are used when shipping fruit and vegetables all over the world, and you are also supporting local businesses that are on your doorstep too – which is a win win.

2.    Get Recycling

Recycling is one of the more common means of helping the environment and it has been very much simplified to allow everyone to do this. Many plastics, glasses, paper, and cardboard can all be recycled to have a new life. This can help cut down on waste and masses of items going to landfill where it takes years and years to break down.

3.    Solar Panels

Solar panels are an important contribution to the environment, as they produce solar energy that you can use. Not only can these help decrease the need for other energy sources such as fuel, but they can also reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses. If you are interested in investing in solar panels, take a look at solar companies in Tucson for more information.

4.    Shop Second Hand

Fast fashion has a lot to answer for, and keeping up with the trends that change faster than the weather can be very environmentally taxing. This is because clothes are designed and made at an alarming rate, and will only be worn a handful of times before they are thrown out or end up in landfill. They are also commonly made of cheap synthetic material that is not designed to last long, even if you were to keep them. When you shop second-hand, you are giving clothes a new lease of life, and saving them from being discarded. You can also get your hands on some great second-hand pieces that have been made from high quality fabrics to last you a long time.

5.    Keep Your Eye on Water Usage

The waste you create with water can be shocking, especially when you are so used to having it on tap.  Despite what you may think, water is not an unlimited resource, so it is important to keep your water consumption as reasonable as possible. Opt for showers over baths, invest in ‘low flush’ toilets that use less water per flush, and make sure to turn off a running tap when you are not using it!

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