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5 things to consider when designing a pool | Landscape Design

5 things to consider when designing a pool

The Australian weather is the perfect reason to own a pool. The beautiful sun is just inviting us to get our feet wet. Not only are pools perfect for the whole family, but they’re also a great sidepiece when hosting guests. Who doesn’t love cooking a few snags on the barbie and then having a dunk in the pool to cool down? With all that said, pool landscaping can be challenging and often confusing for some, especially if they’ve never purchased a pool before. Perhaps you feel the same way. If so, this article will prove illuminating.

1. How much are you willing to spend?

We’ll get straight to the point here, you’ll most likely be looking at the cost. Whilst there isn’t a clear and definite answer to how much a pool costs, you should take a few things into consideration with your budget.

We’re talking about the budget first, as every other point in this article will lead back to costs in some way.

  • Think about how you want your pool to be lined. Do you want it to be cement, or do you want it to be tiled, or perhaps you might opt for fibreglass? These are all good materials for a pool, each with benefits and downsides.
  • Do you know that Australian law requires that any residential pool have a fence. You’ll need to get in contact with some landscapers, or fencers, to learn about the kind of fences to use and how much they’ll cost.
  • Think about whether you want it to be above ground or below. This will severely impact the cost of your pool. Above ground is the cheaper option, as soil excavation can be costly, especially with harder soil and rock types.
  • As your pool ages, it will need regular maintenance. Make sure to keep on top of the cleaning and general maintenance, so it stays safe to swim in.

When considering each point about your pool, remember to take into account the costs and whether or not it will fit into your budget.

2. Do you need a pool?

We always think, yes, you should totally have a pool! That being said, there is a lot to think about. Costs, maintenance, and whether or not it will be used.

General maintenance and care can take a fair bit of your free time if you’re the one in charge of it. Pools can get dirty and will need regular weekly cleaning of leaves and buildup. Some tile designs are algae-resistant, which may save you some time, but you will still need to clean the pool.

If your home is located right on the beach side, maybe a pool will not get used quite so much. Some people just prefer to jump into the ocean rather than a pool. It’s refreshing and cool, and you don’t need to clean it. But there is a certain privacy and a sense of reward from owning a pool that can make it all worth it.

Certainly purchase a pool if you’re alright with maintaining and looking after it. Just do yourself a favour and make sure to use it as much as possible!

3. Is your home suitable?

Some houses just aren’t suitable for a pool. Australia does have some rocky ground conditions, especially along the coastal regions of Sydney, making it extremely costly and difficult to install pools.

Not only that, some residential and urban areas don’t allow for pools, or have very specific backyard pool designs to follow. Just be aware that it’s not always possible to have a pool installed. Get in contact with pool landscaping services if you have any concerns or worries about this, as they’ll have all the knowledge you need.

4. Where will it go?

The positioning of your pool is extremely important. There is environmental exposure to think about from the wind, sun and leaves, as well as your pool privacy. Just the right spot can make the experience go from good to perfect.

In terms of privacy, do you have a tall fence or a tree line that allows you to have your own exclusive relaxation area? If you don’t have privacy fences or tree lines installed, you should consider installing them, as you probably don’t want your neighbours snooping.

Wind can cool the pool and evaporate the water, as well as make it extra chilly when you hop out. Windshield fences and screens are great to prevent this. The sun on the other hand is great for warming your pool up, and pool areas that take advantage of it, have warmer water.

If you have trees around your pool, you may want to consider using a pool cover. Pool covers are great, as they warm your pool, and protect it from a lot of environmental hazards.

5. Do you want inground or above ground?

When considering pool landscape designs, you need to take into account a number of things. Inground pools are hands-down the best pools you can have. They’re easier to look after and clean, as well as self-insulating. That being said, they’re a lot more expensive to install. Above-ground pools are great, but less durable and require a bit more work.

It all depends on what you’re looking for with your pool. If you want a real showpiece, and something that lasts forever, inground is the way to go. One wanting a cheaper option, at the expense of durability, would go for an above ground pool.

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