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6 Common Outdoor Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Having reliable lighting for outside your home requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common outdoor lighting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Are you in the market for some outdoor lighting improvements? Are you wondering how to select the best lighting arrangement for your outdoor space?

At least 19 states in the US, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have Dark Sky ordinances in place. They’re laws that reduce light pollution.

Here’s a guide to 6 common outdoor lighting mistakes people make when choosing and installing outdoor lighting.

  1. Proceeding Without a Plan

You may jump right into your project, buying several types of outdoor lighting and choosing fixtures at your local store. When you get to the installation stage, you realize you’ve taken on more than you can do.

Before you get in too deep, sit down and create a plan for your project. Consider your lighting needs and coordinate them with your seating and cooking areas in your yard.

  1. Failing to Check Local Regulations

Your local municipality may have zoning requirements intended to reduce light pollution. In some areas, laws restrict certain types of outdoor lighting due to energy conservation planning and public safety needs.

Check with your local and state authorities to ensure your outdoor lighting falls within allowable limits.

  1. Common Outdoor Lighting Mistakes Include Lighting the Wrong Areas

Proper positioning of your outdoor lights is an integral part of creating ambiance. Be sure to think about the intended use of your spaces. Lights can draw attention to an area that you don’t want to focus on, so be sure to test your plan before you finalize it.

  1. Not Considering All Your Needs

When you hire an outdoor lighting provider to install your lighting, it’s an opportunity to take care of other electrical needs you may have. You may want to run additional power sources for heaters or a stereo system at the same time.

  1. Using Non-LED Lights

When you are considering modern lighting for patios, use LED lights. Eco-friendly lighting helps you save on energy bills. LED lights are energy-efficient, and you won’t have to replace light bulbs as frequently.

Consider the look and feel of your lighting. As you choose your LED lighting, be sure to select warm tones, not cool ones, so that your lighting is more inviting.

  1. Don’t Forget Special Needs Lighting

It’s important to remember who will be enjoying your outdoor areas and consider all their needs in your outdoor lighting budget.

Everyone welcomes stairs that are well lit. People with vision difficulties will appreciate lighting that takes their challenges into account. Motion-sensitive lighting allows you to move through the outdoor spaces without the need to turn the lights on in advance.

Select Your Lighting With Confidence

You can easily avoid these common outdoor lighting mistakes now that you are aware of them. When you’ve taken the time to do your research and make a plan, your home’s outdoor lighting will be outstanding.

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