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6 Style Tricks to Sell Your Home Fast

The ability to sell a home is usually dependent on whether it appeals to a potential buyer. The likelihood of a home selling more rapidly will be hugely dependent upon appealing to a larger number of buyers. This is why you often hear real estate experts talking about styling or staging your home before listing it so that it will appeal to the largest number of buyers possible. From tidying up the yard to updating, there are several ways to make your home look more attractive to buyers and reel in an offer much more quickly.

Here are some tricks from real estate experts that help to sell homes

Start with the curb appeal

The exterior of a home is one of the most important aspects of its style. Many times it is the first part of a home that a buyer will see and this will give them a first impression and help them to decide if they would like to see more about the home or come and see it in person. Often with online listings the picture of the outside front of the home is the main thumbnail picture for the listing. This picture is highly important as to whether a buyer will click for more information. If they like the outside of the home they will want to know more about it.

“It is very important to make sure that your home is clean and fresh from the front outside view. You can do simple things like pressure washing the driveway and walkways, trimming bushes and mowing the lawn, as well as weeding flowerbeds, and you could even paint to give your home it’s freshest brand new look,” says Chuck Gonzalez, Wheat Ridge Realtor®

Give special attention to the front door

“The presentation of your front door matters greatly in your home’s style and curb appeal. If your door is in good condition consider giving it a fresh coat of paint or even changing and updating the hardware. The most appealing front doors come in a bold pop of complementary contrasting color to the rest of the home,” says John Kinnunen

Make sure there’s plenty of light

Make sure all of the areas of your home especially the front door are illuminated with plenty of light. The more light you bring into a home the more airy and roomy it feels as well as giving off positive feelings. When a room is dark it is harder to see all of the great things about it as well as it puts you into more of a depressed mood. The last thing you want to do is set off less than happy vibes when someone walks through your home.

Keep items in every room to a bare minimum

Make sure to highlight the usefulness of every room and make it more appealing by keeping each room to its bare minimum essentials from floor to ceiling. Ask what each room’s main use is and display just enough stylish furniture in the room to showcase how the room can be used. When staging your room, less is more because it makes the room feel bigger. The main purpose you want with the items an a room is to be able to tell a story of how the room can be used so that the buyer can imagine themselves using it.

Stick to neutral colors if possible

“Everybody will have their own opinion on what the best color is for home décor. For this reason, it is best to appeal to most people by using neutral colors that will not be off-putting to personal style tastes. Shades of grays, beiges, and whites are the safest to stick to,” says Guy Amato, Marco Island Realtor®

Organize the garage

In many homes our garage is usually a catchall zone for items that we use in our daily lives, the garage is often a place that is a last thought when it comes to decorating. When a buyer comes to look at a home they will most definitely be interested in the garage, as they want to know it has enough space for them to dump the items they need to dump in there.

“It is important to organize the garage and make it feel like a functioning and well working ample storage space for a buyer’s extra items, and maybe even their car,” according to Ben Kubicki, Park City Realtor®

There are several ways you can tweak your home just a little bit to style it so that it is increasing in appeal to a wider number of buyers and helps you sell your home quickly.

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