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7 Questions to Ask Your Deck Contractor in Overland Park KS

One of the most overwhelming tasks that most homeowners have to deal with is hiring contractors for their home improvements; deck contractors are no different. However, by asking an Overland Park deck contractor the right questions, you will be able to get different responses from each contractor. This will do much in narrowing your search and help you choose the best fit for your decking project.

The following are some of the questions to ask when interviewing prospective deck contractors in Overland Park:

Are you licensed and insured?

If you find the work of the contractor you hire to be unsatisfactory, or they fail to complete the project, you can take legal recourse. However, this is only possible if the contractor is licensed. Before you sign any contract with them, ensure that you ask if they have the relevant license to execute your project.

Insurance serves the dual purpose of protecting the contractor and the homeowner in case of damage or injuries during the project. One of the best practices of hiring a contractor who has general liability insurance. So, ask them whether they are insured and licensed.

The contractor’s failure to produce evidence of the required credentials should be seen as a big red flag.

What types of decks are you comfortable working with?

You can have an idea of the quality of work a contractor will produce by asking them about the brand of materials and tools they prefer to work with. Find out what experience they’ve had with the specific materials you are considering for your deck. It becomes easy for you to know if they are the best fit for the deck project by learning about the material types they are comfortable working with. Have they worked with composite materials, vinyl, or wood before?

Can you provide references?

One of the most effective ways to gauge a contractor’s ability to execute your project is to find out about their past successes in projects like yours. So, you should ask them if they have past experience with similar projects and if yes, they should produce examples.

They should also be willing to produce references so you can speak with some of their past clients to hear what they have to say about their experience with the contractor. If you love your friend’s or neighbor’s deck, ask them about the contractor that did the project and what the experience was like. That’s if the project was commissioned by them.

What’s your approach to unforeseen situations?

Even with the best of plans, contractors can sometimes be faced with unexpected circumstances. So, you should ask your deck contractor in Overland Park how they plan to handle such unforeseen situations. Getting answers to this is a great way to ensure that you are well prepared for any challenges during the execution of the project.

The contractor’s approach to solving unexpected occurrences in the past can be a pointer to how they might handle problems in the future. You want to ask them about specific instances of how they resolved unexpected situations in the past. Getting answers to this will help you determine how well they might handle potential setbacks that may come up in the execution of your project.

What’s the expected completion time?

When milestones are established for your deck project, it helps to keep everyone accountable. Ask your Overland Park deck contractor to give a timeframe for the project with the assurance that they are able to commit to it. You want to use that opportunity to find out if payments can be structured around the milestones.

Although it is easy to count on the start dates, the proposed completion dates can sometimes be altered by unforeseen circumstances such as delays in material supply or weather changes.

Do I need a permit?

This is one of the most basic questions a homeowner should ask a deck contractor and if they are licensed, they should know whether or not your project requires permits to be executed. In most cases, deck projects require permits. While it’s not a bad idea to handle your own permits, your life becomes much easier if your contractor offers permitting services.

Do you require a deposit?

It is usual for a deck contractor to require an initial deposit to, at least, cover the cost of the materials to be used. So, ask them how much you are expected to pay upfront. A typical upfront deposit is about a quarter of the total cost of the project.

Why you should only work with a professional

There are many reasons why it’s best to hire a professional for your deck project. The following are some of them:

  • Saves time: Professional deck contractors in Overland Park, KS have the expertise and tools to get the job done faster and with less rigor. They know all the necessary things to watch out for and can easily spot anything that can affect the quality of the project. You can also be sure that their work will meet all the Overland Park KS requirements for the local building code.
  • Lower risk: Having done decking installations many times for a long time, professional deck contractors know the pros and cons of the different kinds of decking materials. Hiring a professional gives you the assurance that the installation will be done correctly. Also, if there’s an error in the installation, professionals can quickly correct it at their own cost.
  • Warranty: Of course, you should only work with deck contractors that offer warranties on their work – and most of them do offer warranties. This assures you that if things go wrong, the contractor will do it at no cost, based on the kind of warranties they provide.

To get the list of reputable deck contractors in Overland Park KS, you can check out Angi’s List. Ensure that you research more about these contractors before hiring any.


A great starting point to hire a deck contractor in Overland Park KS is to prepare the necessary questions to ask them. When you are well prepared with the right questions, the deck contractor will know that you have done your homework and won’t mess with you. The tips in this article should help you narrow down your selection as the contractor’s responses to these questions will let you know if they are a good fit for your project.

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