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8 Additions To Improve Privacy And Security At Home

There are a number of features that can help a home to feel comfortable, with the most important being privacy and security. If a property does not feel private, or at least able to adapt to various levels of required privacy and with a sense of security, residents are likely to feel unable to relax and even unsafe.

For those wanting to improve their home’s privacy or simply curious as to the features that can improve a home’s security, we looked at the best features available to homeowners in the UK in 2024.

Smart Cameras

Camera technology has come a great deal over the past few years and there are now a number of high-definition, affordable, smart cameras for the home. These additions can sit in various rooms and be connected to smart devices, such as phones and watches, allowing homeowners to spot whenever there is an activity in a certain room or simply have peace of mind when they aren’t home.


The nature of a garden’s design, being exposed to the elements, means that privacy and security are an essential consideration. When it comes to security, the simple addition of a spotlight can be a remarkably effective safety feature, deterring intruders while simultaneously alerting residents to activity.

Log Cabins

For those living in a residential area, spending time in a garden space can feel exposed, with neighbours and even passersby able to see occurring activities. Outbuildings, such as log cabins, are a great way to add privacy to a garden space, allowing residents to relax and dine without concern of nosy neighbours.

Secure Gates

If a home has access through a gate, it is important that the gate is secure. A well-designed gate is one that is robust not only to the elements but also a potential intruder, being difficult or impossible to overcome.

Key Boxes

While the idea of leaving a secret key beneath a plant pot may seem easy, it is now overly romanticised and, ultimately, risky. For those wanting a key that is easily accessible by a home, a key box is essential, one with a difficult-to-crack code and secure mount.


For both privacy and security, fences are an important consideration. High fences can prevent nosy neighbours while also deterring intruders, making them a useful feature for the home. If their design doesn’t appeal, hedges can be a great natural alternative.

Doorbell Cameras

While residents must be careful exactly where their doorbell camera faces, these simple additions to a doorway can revolutionise security at home, allowing residents to not only see who’s at the door even when they’re elsewhere but even communicate with them too.

WiFi Security

In the modern age, we must be aware that our digital presence also requires security. The WiFi network established in a home can be breached and sensitive data along with it. As such, for a home to be both secure and private, residents must also consider protecting their WiFi network. This can be done by regularly changing the network password and monitoring devices that connect.

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