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9 Simple ways to refresh your living space

In the past couple of years, people have been spending a lot more time indoors as a result of the pandemic. With people working from home more frequently, living spaces can start to feel a bit stale.

But outside of big renovations and expensive restyles, are there really easy and simple ways to refresh a living space? Definitely!

We’ve scoured style inspos, pinterest hacks, and the latest design trends to give you a handy guide on how to level up your existing decor and rooms without too much effort.

1. Fresh paint

Never underestimate the effect of a fresh coat of paint on the overall look of any room. Whatever colour your walls are, a fresh coat will always liven up the space. You could even consider painting an accent wall for a pop of colour.

While it can seem like a daunting process to paint your walls, it’s actually a pretty budget-friendly way to transform any space.

2. Switch up interior design

What’s your current design style? Scandinavian? Industrial? Why not switch it up?

It doesn’t need to be too drastic, but getting some new, affordable decor items can make a huge difference – and it’s pretty easy to do. Try checking your local farmers markets, second hand stores or even online marketplaces for some cheap yet cheerful accent pieces and furniture in a different style.

You could even swap with design savvy friends, exchanging decor and accent pieces for a few months at a time to help you and your friend liven up your homes. From lamps, throws, wall art, and maybe even furniture, it’s a cheap and fun way to change up your living space.

3. Update old furniture pieces

Wanting something different? Maybe your existing furniture is looking a bit worse for wear. If that’s the case, it might be time to update your old furniture pieces.

That doesn’t mean buying brand new pieces, either! Vintage pieces, or gently used second hand furniture can help liven up your living space with lived-in charm and aesthetic. Don’t limit yourself to the regular ideas of furniture, too: think vintage sewing machines to replace buffets, pallets for coffee tables… even stacking old textbooks as a side table can help to instill a sense of charm to any space.

Try to think outside the box for creative solutions that are unique and personal to your and your taste!

4. Try different accent colours

A low-budget, low-effort way to change up any room’s look is to use different accent pieces. From different coloured throw pillows to wall art, or even the addition of a striking rug, the little details can help to make up a whole: a room that’s cohesive and bright, yet comforting and inviting, too.

Got neutral colour palettes in your rooms at the moment? Blue is always a great choice to add a pop of colour to any space, with varying shades of blue complementing neutral tones while maintaining the calmness of the space.

5. Add natural elements

Living spaces look even better with the injection of natural elements such as wood and greenery. Tabletop moss gardens, branches in vases, wildflowers on the window sill – the possibilities are endless. You could even grow your own herb garden!

6. Polish wooden floors

If you’ve got wooden floors, you’ll know that they’re the best timber flooring option. They look amazing even as the years pass and the flooring experiences some wear and tear.

What makes it even more of a solid flooring choice is the ability to restain and refinish the wood after years of use to make it look brand new. If you’ve got tired looking floors, timber flooring polishing in Melbourne is an amazing way to inject new life into your interiors. The simple change in shade and shine in your flooring can make the entire place look brand new.

7. Add funky wall art

Wall art is a great way to add a dynamic look, especially with wide unused walls. Just about anything, when hung or framed in style, can look like wall art, too: think scarves, blankets, costume jewellery, polaroids, and everything in between. And if you’re looking for a way to display oversized wall art, even just propping it against the wall can give you the eclectic, artsy vibes you’re after.

8. Rearrange furniture

Moving furniture pieces around can go a long way in rejuvenating a space. It’s an easy way to refresh any room, while also creating a new sense of flow.

But don’t stop there: remember that you aren’t limited to rearranging furniture and accent pieces in one room. You might also like to swap around your furniture and decor from each room to the next. Relocate decor such as plants, art, or even window treatments, and you’ll find that these simple changes can actually refresh a space too.

9. Clean up clutter

Clutter can be charming and show a lived-in feel for any space, but too much can be overwhelming and busy. Clear some clutter, remove accent pieces in visually heavy areas, and remember the mantra: less is more.

Hopefully with these 9 tips and tricks you’ve got a great starting point to refresh your living space. Remember, a little goes a long way especially with interior design, so change things one at a time until you find the perfect design for your needs!

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