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A Little R and R: Create a Spa Experience in Your Own Home

If you want to relax, there is nothing better than getting a spa day. However, it can be very expensive to go to an independent spa. But no need to worry. You should be able to make your own home spa experience that can be just as relaxing at a fraction of the cost. Here’s what you should do, both in terms of house upgrades and relaxation techniques.

Create The Right Room

The first thing you should be doing is to create the right room for your home spa. You can use your current bathroom for this, or you can get fancy and build a dedicated spa room. This would be expensive, but it can be done and allows you the full spa experience you would get from commercial spas. This would require you to contact hot tub dealers and other specialists for the necessary fixtures. You might even need to do some layout planning in your home.

However, if your current bathroom is already large enough, then upgrading it should be possible. Your main concern would be to install a tub. This is where you will be relaxing for your home spa experience. Be sure that it can fit or you may need a major expansion of your bathroom.

Lights and Temperature

If you want to relax, there are two factors that you need to control in your home spa: the light and the temperature. While the hot water in the tub is nice, you need to ensure that it doesn’t get cold fast. This means you need to provide the bathroom with some way to control the heating. You can also add some heated tiles so that your walk won’t end up with you jumping around to avoid the cold spots. They also help with the general heat in the bathroom.

The next aspect you need to figure out is the lighting. If you are going to relax, you need to be able to lower the intensity of the light that you normally use. You can turn it off and use candles, but that limits your vision too much. It is much better to have a light that you can control or that has various settings. A simpler approach would be to have multiple light switches that controlled multiple lights. You would only turn on the lights you need when having your spa day.

Get The Right Accessories

There are a couple of accessories that you might want to consider for your home spa. While it is nice to lie back and soak in a tub, there should be other options available. For example, you might want to consider adding a steam shower. This is a great alternative to just a hot tub. You can fill your shower stall with steam and have a relaxing time in a sauna-like environment. Combine it with a seat, and you have a perfect way to relax.

Relaxation also comes with the right surroundings. If your bathroom feels like any other bathroom, you won’t be able to relax fully. As part of the upgrades, you should change the composition of the tiles in the room. Aim for darker colors to ease people’s minds and use stone and wood-like materials for the best effects.

Scents and Sounds

Another aspect that you should focus on is what you can smell and hear inside your home spa. Good ventilation and regular disinfectants will ensure that your bathroom won’t smell like a bathroom. There is nothing that can ruin a relaxation day than a bad scent. You can change that by bringing in some scented candles. These are great for relaxing, especially if you use one from aromatherapy. While lavender is known to be very relaxing, you can also consider cedarwood or sandalwood. For pure sensory luxury, you can go for rose-scented candles too.

Additionally, while the quiet can be relaxing, you can likely do better. An iPod or a smartphone recording of some relaxing music or ambient sounds can be pretty good. For example, you can create the illusion of a tropical getaway bu playing rainforest sounds. Combine it with a Bluetooth speaker for maximum volume, and your bathroom can be anywhere in the world.

It would be best if you recharged to get back into the struggle of normal life. If you let yourself go on without a chance to relax, it can affect your performance and your life in general. It would be best if you did not settle for short breaks but periods of full relaxation. With your home spa, you can unwind more effectively. Invest in this so that your life can become better.

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