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Advantages Of Having An Automatic Irrigation Scheme

A water irrigation system, such as an automatic watering system, can significantly facilitate polytunnel gardening. One of the most significant difficulties for many gardeners new to polytunnel horticulture is getting it wrong when watering their plants. When watering, it’s easy to overwater, underwater, or do it incorrectly. Most of the challenges associated with watering plants in a polytunnel can be avoided by installing an automatic watering system. If you are considering going automatic, consider hiring professional sprinkler installation services.

Here are some of the advantages of an automatic watering system that may convince you to install one in your polytunnel:

  1. Water conservation is one of the many benefits of installing an automatic watering system.

Depending on your preferences, the plants in your polytunnel can get just the right amount of water from either a sprinkler or drip irrigation system. Such a technique can be significantly less wasteful when it comes to water. An automatic system can help save water because:

The water will be released in a controlled manner. (Contrary to when water is handed to you, where it is easy to use more than is necessary.)

The water will go where it is needed most. If you water your plants by hand, you may waste a lot of water by spilling it on the ground where the roots can’t easily absorb it.

The use of water can be reduced through the use of an automatic shut-off.

To create a more long-lasting garden system, it is essential to conserve water and plant in a water-wise manner. Also, if your water is measured, you can save money.

More water and money can be saved, and plant health can be improved by programming an automatic watering system to respond to rainfall. If you’re interested in installing your rainwater harvesting system, check out the guides we’ve posted elsewhere on this site.

  1. There will be less work for you to do with an automatic watering system.

Gardeners can reap the time-saving benefits of an automatic watering system, another major perk. In the heat of summer, watering plants by hand can be a tedious task. In hot weather, you should water your plants at least once a day and ideally twice. There are a lot of gardeners that can’t keep up since they need more time. Keeping up a polytunnel garden and growing your food may seem impossible if you also have a full-time job. A polytunnel requires constant care, but an automatic watering system makes that job much more manageable.

Even if you usually have time to water your plants by hand, an automatic watering system is still a good investment when you’re away. An automated watering system can be programmed in advance to water your polytunnel when you are away on vacation or out of town for work.

  1. To reduce labor in the garden, install an automatic watering system.

A system like this will not only help the gardener save time but also help them conserve energy. It takes time and energy to water plants by hand. Gardening is physical work that requires dedication and time. If you have difficulty getting motivated to water, weed, hoe, mulch, and harvest your garden, perhaps an automatic irrigation system is the solution you’ve been looking for to restore the joy you once felt in tending your plants.

The physical and mental health benefits of gardening are numerous. But easing some burdens can turn this worthwhile and healthy activity into a true pleasure. One straightforward approach to simplifying things is automation.

  1. It is possible to channel water to where it is most desperately needed.

As was previously said, an automatic watering system can help save water by only rinsing the areas that require it. Drip irrigation systems, which distribute water at soil level or below, where plant roots can absorb it, are sometimes preferable to sprinkler systems.

Because plants absorb water from their roots below the soil, watering them from above can often result in the water being lost to evaporation. Less water will be wasted, and your plants will absorb more if you water them at their bases instead of their tops.

Also, remember that overhead watering might increase the spread of certain plant diseases. So, for instance, if the leaves of your tomato plants get moist, your plants are more prone to suffer blight. Watering the foliage instead of the roots also encourages the growth of particular mildews.

  1. To facilitate optimal plant development, water can be supplied at specific concentrations.

The perfect automatic irrigation system can make it easier to provide the proper amount of water to plants and ensure that they receive water precisely where it is needed. A design like this can help you get the most out of your polytunnel by providing your plants with a steady supply of water that is neither too much nor too little.

Inconsistency in plant hydration is a typical result of hand-watering. Both overwatering and underwatering can be detrimental to plants; the former can lead to root rot and nutrient loss. Plants in a polytunnel are susceptible to damage from both overwatering and underwatering. The results of either may be stunted development, poor health, or even death. By installing an automatic irrigation system, you can avoid many of these issues and increase your chances of a successful harvest from your polytunnel.

  1. Eliminating Weeds with an Automatic Watering System

Automated irrigation systems can help you deal with fewer weeds by directing water only where it is needed rather than wasting it in unwanted areas. Since weeds thrive in moist soil, they will quickly fill empty spaces between plants that are watered accidentally.

Watering plants only at their bases promote robust growth and discourages the development of weak or weakened plants that are more easily outcompeted by weeds. Additionally, fewer unused water resources mean less water for invasive species.

In addition, if plants are watered adequately and in the right way, they will flourish and eventually cover the soil surface if they are appropriately spaced. A dense plant cover in your garden can also aid weed control.

  1. The Ecosystem of the Soil Can Be Preserved Through the Use of an Automatic Watering System.

Watering systems are not only valid for plants and humans. When designed and installed correctly, an automatic polytunnel watering system is capable of much more. A system like this can help protect the soil’s ecosystem while also making life easier for the gardener and ensuring the success of their crops.

The topsoil in your planting areas is an invaluable commodity. You must provide for it in any way you can. Soil is a complex network of microorganisms, plant and animal matter, and minerals. Keeping life on Earth is only possible with soil. The soil ecosystem can be harmed in many ways: through overwork (such as digging and tilling), pollution (such as toxic chemicals), or both. Over or under-watering the soil can cause problems for any garden, even those that are organic and use no-dig techniques.

By installing an automatic system, gardeners can prevent nutrient leeching, water run-off and erosion, soil baking, and other issues associated with improper watering. To protect the valuable soil in their polytunnel, gardeners should avoid these problems.

In conclusion, this article has shown many advantages of using an automatic system to water plants in a polytunnel. Nonetheless, you must choose a system that is well-suited to your circumstances. Do you have any advice on choosing the best automatic watering system for a polytunnel garden? Put them and any other ideas you have in the comments section.

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