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Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation – Think about Encaustic Tiles

Do you want to give a new look to your kitchen and bathroom this year? And want to add all the facilities needed today in this modern world? We cannot deny that everything we use around us is full of the latest things, so how can we forget about the renovations of our kitchen and bathroom? This time, add something to your bathroom tiles and kitchen to renovate it to give a new look that will attract your guest’s attention at once. And its durability is so much that you cannot even guess it.

You can get a bathtub fitted in the bathroom and use attractive lighting to give your bathroom a wonderfully charming look. And use modern kitchen splashback tiles that should be slip less for taking care of your health and preventing future incidents. We must remember that Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation add more value to your property before reselling. Use of Encaustic Tiles which costs you very less in maintenance. Some recommended tiles include Encaustic tiles, Matt, and Argile Concrete.

You will be very interested to know about Encaustic Tile, types, their benefits and disadvantages, range, and how you will care for it in the future. Don’t worry about these fundamental questions; we will discuss them and give you a detailed information. After which, you will be able to provide a new and attractive look to your bathroom and kitchen.

Without wasting time, let’s start.

What is Encaustic Tile?

Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles with 2 different clay colours; however, a tile can have up to six different colours combined to make a design—the steel base frame is created to prepare the molds. Various divider molds are utilized during production and inserted into the frame.

White cement, natural marble powder, colouring pigment, and other additions are blended in a liquid combination and gently poured into each area to fill it. The divider mold is removed from the frame, leaving a layer with the coloured design on the surface.

The bright-coloured areas of the design are filled first, followed by the darker colours, and so on, until every place is filled.

Its operation requires a high level of patience, skill, and experience. After the first layer is added, a second layer made of a fine, dry mixture of grey cement and fine sand is added to absorb any remaining moisture. Sand and cement are applied as a backing layer until the desired thickness is reached. In a hydraulic press, the tile is compressed. To guarantee that maximum strength is achieved, this is a two-stage procedure.

The tiles are meticulously hand-washed after being freed from the mold. Revealing the wonderful pattern of forms and colours on their surface, then allowed to dry overnight before being cured at room temperature. The final step is to apply a sealer to protect the tile’s surface.

Types of Encaustic tiles

Encaustic tiles are used for various projects, including floors, walls, interior and exterior applications. It is durable and relatively simple to maintain. It is immediately eye-catching and highly approachable. Let’s examine the many Encaustic tile types.

Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tiles are marble and granite mixed with glass or quartz fragments, and the material is blended with cement.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are designed from natural clay, sand, and water. The manufacturing technique varies, but the mixture often has a consistency akin to the dough. It may be formed into any shape you like, including fish scales, hexagons, subway tiles, and classic rectangles.

Porcelain tiles

Dust-pressing is a technique used to create porcelain tiles. The manufacturing process produces a fine-grained, dense, waterproof, and smooth tile with precisely shaped faces.

Cement Tiles or Encaustic Tiles

Marble powder, cement, marble granules, and natural colour pigments use to develop encaustic tiles. It is important to weigh the materials in the correct proportion to make the mixture. Then mix it well with pure water, and the mixture is ready to be filled in the mold of the special machine and in due course of time, make any design you want.

Pros and Cons of Encaustic Tiles

  • Encaustic tiles are strong and have very long durability
  • Encaustic tiles produce following various compression and strength specifications
  • You can use encaustic tiles to build steps, walkways, swimming pools, and wall and floor tiles
  • Due to their exceptional durability and aesthetics, Encaustic tiles are best for interior and outdoor projects
  • Encaustic tiles are environmentally friendly.
  • It creates characteristics that are appealing and impressive
  • Encaustic tiles are considered high-quality materials with good aesthetic and durability standards
  • An Encaustic tile floor has an enduring beauty and a long lifespan
  • Encaustic tiles flooring has a very firm surface that is scratch- and slip-resistant.

Cons of Encaustic Tiles

  • The capacity of encaustic tiles to absorb water is very low.

How to maintain encaustic tiles

Here are some expert maintenance suggestions to keep your encaustic tiles looking great for years to come.

  • Regularly use a soft brush or a vacuum
  • Should avoid Abrasives such as wire brushes
  • Mild detergent made for conservation
  • Supple cotton fabrics
  • Clean up spills right away
  • For loose tiles, use adhesive PVA
  • Floor mop cleaner
  • For shining, use Liquid Beeswax
  • Use a doormat to capture moisture
  • Use Epoxy Putty to Repair Chips
  • Use pads while standing the metal objects to prevent rust marks
  • Don’t use rubber-backed carpets. It collects moisture and may result in sweat on the underside.
  • You can cover some tiles with natural-fiber mats made of jute or sea grass.

Range of Encaustic Tiles

You can use ceramic, pattern, or encaustic tiles to say whatever you want. Water, cement, pigment, and—most importantly—a lot of time are used in this simple handcrafted production method to create one-of-a-kind tiles. If you’d like to see the full selection of endless encaustic tiles, we’ve only included a few in this post.

Builders range- quality materials and fixtures

  • Affogato
  • Choice
  • Reval gris
  • Choise ash
  • Reval natural
  • Reval perla
  • Viggo arce non-rect
  • Viggo nogal non-rect
  • Coton Blanco
  • Designers Range

Designers range – most creative and luxurious designs

  • Alchemist primrose
  • Azulej Bianco
  • Bejmat
  • Celosia
  • Chymia
  • Coco
  • Cottage
  • Dechirer
  • Diarama
  • Folded

Avoid these common tiling mistakes –

The advice provided below will help you avoid some typical tiling mistakes. Since purchasing tiles is a one-time investment, you must consider these considerations carefully before making your decision.

Colour –Don’t let anyone else influence your choice of colour, as it will be expensive to remove again after fixing the tile. Instead, get your family’s approval before making your decision. Providers can assist you if you cannot decide on the tile floor’s colour and always prefer to use natural colours.

Cost – Don’t decide to buy your tile based on price; often, low-cost products also have good quality and are within your budget. You may miss out on good deals by staying within your budget. So create some flexibility in cost.

Accessories –  Purchasing high-quality tile accessories, such as spacers and wedges, hand tools, buckets and sponges, safety and workwear, and large format tile tools, is crucial for fitting tiles.

Your Contractor – When purchasing tile, the contractor you are dealing with must be reliable. It must deliver quality in what it offers. In a way, it is not a good use of money if you buy the product at a low price without knowing the contractor’s background; then, there are chances that the product will get spoiled later. Check contractor reviews from previous customers before making a purchase.

Contact Tiles Supplier

Suppose you are looking for a supplier who offers a wide variety of kitchen floor tiles and bathroom wall tiles that you will not find anywhere else. The tiles provided by them will give your property a special touch and look you would not have seen anywhere else. Not only encaustic tiles can meet all your needs while you can choose other tiles too from their inventory.


Q1. Can encaustic tiles be used outside?

Ans: Yes.

Q2. Do encaustic tiles need sealing?

Ans: Yes.

Q3. What are encaustic floor tiles?

Ans: This is a ceramic tile. Clay is used instead of glass to make patterns or figures on the surface.

Q4. What is encaustic porcelain tile?

Ans: Porcelain tile is made from a very fine grade of clay and then fired in a kiln.

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