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Bathroom Transformation 2021

With the arrival of 2020 came the need to shelter in place and a greater awareness of the hygiene of our houses. As hygiene remains a key priority, especially in high-traffic areas such as restrooms, anticipate interiors to emphasize easy-to-clean materials and antibacterial fittings. Fortunately, these things are included in 2021 bath trends without losing a single ounce of elegance.

Do you want to remodel your bathroom? Before we begin, let’s have a look at which trends are hot this year! Neutral colors, a mix of materials, show-stopping bathroom sinks—we’ve compiled a majority of the best 2021 bathroom ideas to assist you in deciding how to design your new area!

Let It Float

Although the clean lines of floating vanities tend to be modern, the efficient space storage system now provides more personalization choices than ever, with basins, taps, and equipment to suit any taste. Today, it’s all the rage to have all-mount bathroom vanities available in various designs, ranging from a complete piece with a counter, basin, and cabinet base (similar to a standalone vanity) to partial setups and completely independent components.

The latter option allows you to discover the perfect arrangement—for example, the length and width of the countertop or the kind and placement of storage—without being constrained by the available space around the piping. Storage areas may be mounted on the wall horizontally or vertically, opened or shut, below or above. Take, for example, a  wall-hung vanity. It is light and airy, and it does not seem to be a big heavy container on the ground. Floating vanities, irrespective of how they are configured, make it simpler to wash bathroom floors.

Wall Tiles in Large Format

In 2021, say goodbye to small mosaic tiles—at least on bathroom walls. Larger format tiles will gain popularity next year because they may make a significant impression on a room while showing a lesser degree of grout lines. Large-format tiles exude elegance, especially when incorporated with organic stone and artificial stone-look materials. Because there are fewer grout lines, there is less to clean, making slabs a smart option for shower surrounds.

Contemporary subway tiles in a range of sizes, patterns, materials, and surfaces will be a popular bathroom design theme this year, in addition to huge tiles and slab wall coverings. Horizontally and vertically piled linear tiles, in particular, will be recognized for their popular simple look. These basic installations also go well with the tile hues we’re expecting to see this year. Warm, welcoming neutrals and earthy colors such as brown, beige, chestnut, and mushroom tints will be appealing because they offer an excellent backdrop for natural materials.

Revamped Mirrors

Three out of every four households (77%) order new mirrors during a master bathroom remodel, most opting for illuminated versions. Backlighted mirrors and contemporary medicine cabinets are excellent choices for any modern bathroom decor. When muted, this integrated feature provides ambient illumination without glare or distortion on the mirror and may even function as a lamp.

These primary forms with brilliant lighting may be both beautiful and practical. A backlit mirror produces a light effect on the wall, creating the appearance of a floating reflection. This effect may emphasize textured wall features behind the fixture or make a central focus for any guest.

Spa-like Features

The epidemic has only heightened homeowners’ need for fun and recovery, making dipping tubs a popular bathroom addition for the following year. The most common bath arrangement is still a separated tub and shower, with the latter becoming bigger. However, tubs are not being lost in the mix. Instead, they are doing more in less time, with very concrete results.

For example, a smaller bath does not take as long to fill and does not need much water. If you want to take the spa into your bathroom, it might be worth your time to check out how you can achieve your custom spa pool.

Warmer Colors

After a long year, a new coat of paint in a new color goes a long way toward refreshing up and starting over, particularly in the bathroom. The best colors themes for 2021 are bright and warm, an excellent combination for the area where you begin and finish your day. Look for more resilient paints to keep your bathroom cleaned for longer, irrespective of the hue you select. Many advances were made in 2020 to make colors more sanitary, impervious to stain, and resistant to harsh cleaning.

The options are limitless. Find ways to enjoy these bathroom trends; you may even mix them to create the appearance that best piques your interest. As with any large remodeling job, careful preparation is essential. Before you begin, many things should be addressed, and you should use all of the resources available to you. Consider floating vanities, large-size tiles, and spa-like elements, for example.

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