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When you are carrying out constant maintenance tasks at your house, one of the house’s parts that often gets ignored is the gutters that are on the roof. They are essential to the drainage system of the house. When they are in bad shape, you might need to get them replaced before the wet season comes. If your gutter needs replacing, you might be confused about which material you should opt for. Experts at D’Angelo will help you to make the best decision. Steel, Aluminum, or Vinyl are the three most popular material options for roof gutters. The slight differences between the three materials can make all the difference. We have listed all the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


Aluminum has a high rust resistance, so the gutters are hardy and won’t thin over time. They are usually lighter in weight, making these gutters easier to install, and making a seamless gutter isn’t as tricky as it is with iron. The life of an aluminum gutter is over 20 years when it has been cared for properly. You could choose from a wide range of colors and can be made to match your home.

They bend easily if they are hit by ladders, trees, ice, or animal. Such gutters can usually stand most temperatures, but they would begin to split, crack and damage when the temperature gets too high. Highly prone to leaking around the joints.


When it comes to steel, you could choose from galvanized steel and stainless steel. Both are strong and durable. Though galvanized steel is cheaper, it won’t last as long as stainless steel gutters. Galvanized gutters have a long life and are highly durable. They are better when it comes to resisting dents and can hold up well against heavy winds.

On comparing galvanized steel and aluminum, galvanized steel would rust faster and has a shorter life span. Steel requires more maintenance to make sure that it remains rust-free. As the galvanized steel is heavier than aluminum, it is harder to install and requires soldering. Vinyl gutters are easier to install. If you can’t afford the expense, you should opt for steel gutters, especially if you live in an area where there are high winds, and the temperatures fluctuate.


Vinyl gutters are easy to install and affordable. They are the gutters that you should opt for when you are on a tight budget and considering a DIY installation. These gutters are usually famous because of their low cost. Vinyl gutters don’t require joints as their sections snap together and can quickly be done independently. The gutter won’t corrode, or rust is very low maintenance.

Such gutters don’t hold up in areas that receive heavy rain, strong winds, or snow due to their lightweight nature. In wet climates, the gutter might not last for more than ten years. Though they aren’t prone to corrosion, they are prone to cracking and don’t have a long life.

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