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Bringing Hollywood Home

We all follow our fave celeb on social media, stalking their home accounts and dreaming of this being our own homes. We’ve seen interior designers make huge statements in celeb homes, from Jason Oppenheim incorporating Buster + Punch, to Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch featuring Valentino in their work, how do we get this look? We know just how… 

You don’t have to spend mega bucks to achieve the celebrity style, knowing where to shop, and how much to buy is key. We often see people buying too many decor pieces that end up over filling their home and deflecting from what they are trying to achieve. Creating a glam interior design fit for a Hollywood home isn’t about buying one statement piece of furniture, it’s about combining pieces together to create a beautifully coherent vibe, fit for a celebrity home, which is exactly what you deserve. Less really is more, and buying quality items made from solid materials, and perfect craftsmanship will last a lifetime and look beautiful. 

Start small… 

Upgrading your switches, sockets, USB chargers, and electricity plates that are crafted from beautiful metals and natural materials sets the tone for the rest of your decor. From solid gold, antique brass and matt black, you will find you embrace your plug sockets instead of hiding them away behind furniture. What makes this décor statement so transformative is that you can alter the look of your entire home in such small statement tweaks. 

Design your space using the fine details as the foundation of your room. Working in the finer details creates a look that works flawlessly in your home, setting the tone from the moment you walk through the door. Aligning everything from your electricity outlets, to lighting, cabinet hardware, and small accessories, will create an entire space made up of harmony, and the perfect balance. 

Lighting creates a real statement in your home when creating the celebrity Hollywood vibe at home. You only need to look at Jason Oppenheim’s LA homes to see how using lighting to make a big impact works so well. You can incorporate multiple drop pendants over your dining tables or centre islands, as well as creating beautiful focal points with staircase chandeliers and bedroom wall lighting. Statement lighting offers real visual impact, having the right lighting, designed beautifully to work with your decor theme is key to nailing the celebrity style. 

It’s time to introduce some luxurious touches around your home. This can be anything from luxury bedding and towels, to branded hand soaps and moisturisers by your sinks. The attention you put into the detailing of your home really makes a difference.

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