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Budget-Friendly Pool Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping is a great way to provide your fibreglass pool area with a fresh look. You could be thinking of adding a modern touch to your pool landscape or adding more vibrant colours to your backyard. But, isn’t pool landscaping expensive? If you’ve already invested a lot of money into getting a fibreglass pool installed, you may not want to spend more on your pool landscape. The good news is that you won’t have to.

There are lots of affordable ways for you to make your pool landscape more attractive. You just have to get a little creative and be a little resourceful. There are things lying around your house that you can probably add to your pool landscape. There are also budget-friendly things that you can buy, without having to worry about the expense. So what are these ideas exactly?

Pool Landscaping Ideas For Your Backyard

Before you work on your pool landscaping, there are some things that you’ll need to take care of first. You’ll need to clean your pool deck, by sweeping it and then cleaning it with a mop. You’ll also need to mow the grass, to keep it from getting too out of control. If there are any weeds, either in the grass or in your potted plants, then you’ll need to get rid of these as well. Finally, if you come across any plants that are dead, you’ll need to remove them.

Now that your pool area is clean, it’s time to start working on your landscape design. Here are some affordable pool landscaping ideas that you should consider trying.

1. Using String Lights

String lights can look beautiful when you hang them out in your backyard. They can add just the perfect amount of light and brightness, making your backyard look more stunning. Consider opting for the LED lights you get around Christmas, instead of larger bulbs, which are more expensive. If you view the blog, you can see what other lighting ideas would be ideal for your pool area.

The LED lights are not just cheaper, but they are also lighter, which makes setting them up easier. They are also more energy efficient as well, which means you’ll be spending less on energy bills. If you were looking for a stunning way to light up your patio without blowing a hole in your budget, then these LED string lights can be perfect for you.

Note, however, that you should set these string lights up against the wall, away from the water. This makes it safer, and you reduce the possibility of accidents, such as people getting a shock from the lights entering the pool water.

2. Get A Firepit

Do you want to add a natural source of light to your pool area? If you do, then consider getting a firepit. You can find firepits in all price ranges, from the expensive ones with various features to the inexpensive simple firepit. A firepit doesn’t just add light to your yard, but it also provides people with a space around which they can warm up. It also acts as a great accent piece.

What better way to warm up during a chilly night, than by sitting next to the fire pit, warming up your hands? The firepits that are budget friendly will help you stay warm, provide light to your yard, and look great in your pool area as well.

3. Stone Walkway

Do you want to build a walkway for people, from your home to your pool? Maybe you don’t want people to walk on the grass to get to your pool. But by building a stone walkway, you’ll provide people with space to walk on when they want to get to your fibreglass pool. When you’re designing your stone walkway, you can get creative as well.

You can choose stone slabs that are of different colours, for the walkway. You can even get stones that match the tone that your pool deck has, to make them look complementary. With a stone walkway, people won’t be treading grass, dirt and insects from the ground into your pool, every time they want to go for a swim. Instead, they’ll have a dedicated walkway.

Stone walkways are also one of the cheaper options when it comes to walkways. Make your backyard look more rustic and elegant, by building a stone walkway in it.

4. Rock Garden

Is there space around your pool that looks barren? If you’re looking for an inexpensive design element to fill out the area, why not consider rocks? Rocks of different shapes, sizes and colours can be placed together to create a pretty rock garden. You don’t even have to buy the rocks you want to add to your rock garden.

Although rocks are cheap to buy, you can just as easily pick up a few rocks from the river near your home. Rock gardens look beautiful, and can make great additions to any pool landscape. You can add them to one corner of your yard, or you can create your very own accent border around the pool deck area as well.

5. Ornamental Grass

If you want something that can help you balance your rock garden, then ornamental grass can be perfect for you. These look neutral, are eye-catching, and can fit in nearly anywhere. You can even place a few of them next to each other, in order to create a wall of grass. They can also be used as accent pieces, that you can add to different parts of your backyard.

6. Flower Beds That Glow

For this, you’ll need to have a garden beside your pool first. You can give the garden a glow by ensuring that the inner edges are lined with rope lights. This will make your garden look attractive, especially at night.


Even if you’re on a budget, there are several things that you can do to make your pool landscape more attractive. Don’t think you’re limited when it comes to your options when you need to stay within your budget. By being just a little creative, there are several things you can do to make your pool landscape look more attractive. Follow the tips in this guide to beautify your pool area without exceeding your budget.

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