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Building a Man Cave: Seven Important Factors to Consider

There is no place more precious to a man than a man cave. The kids may be the priority during all the other hours. But in the man cave, a minute feels like an eternity. The wives may be the bosses around every other corner of the house. But in the man cave, the men rule.

No matter how happy a family is, having your own special place to escape to is important. Personal space still matters. And for men and all that’s manly, here are seven simple factors you have to consider when you finally decide to have that glorious and magical place.


Look good, feel good. Having the theme that best represents who you are and what you like to do would make planning this a whole lot easier. And when you plan to choose the theme most suitable, these four things must be considered.

  1. AREA– The convenience and suitability of where you want to build your man cave is the first thing that you have to consider. If you are looking for a place that can give you silence or a place where you could conveniently turn the volume up and drown the noise around you, building a man cave outside the house would be the right thing to do. If it’s going to be more of a game room, then it’d be better off indoors and beside your home office or room.Somewhere the kids would not be able to access easily. And if you’re planning to turn it into a gym, then consider the level of the area. Because you wouldn’t want to climb the stairs after the harshest leg days.
  2. BUDGET– It should go without saying that your financial capability in building this is one of the most crucial parts. One of the most common reasons men have unfinished projects is their lack of budget to pursue them. By planning a theme that revolves around the budget, you’d have more flexibility and control.Pro-tip: focus on the structure and quality. Interior design can be worked on little by little.
  3. DESIGN– Man caves are not only for the owners. Man caves are for all men, friends and enemies alike. You don’t have to hide it. You are building this not only for your comfort but also to smugly look at your friends’ eyes as they marvel around your freedom and power.
    If you prefer the practicality of an industrial design, then go for metal and wood. Stone and vintage wood can be a bit time-consuming to construct with but that rustic cave would be an A-plus on any book.


Before going all out with the gaming consoles and foosball tables, think about how comfortable you want it to be first. Assess if you want it to just be a place where you spend 2 hours a day or if you’d rather build something you can live in if needed.

  1. SPACE– You need to adjust what you will put inside depending on how big the room will be. When it comes to storage, think vertically.  Add shelves to bare walls. Use shelve lamps to maximize space. Having ottomans and couches that can transform into beds would do the trick. Pick a big couch and place it in the middle with a couple of small cube-type chairs that would maximize space and still look stylish at the same time.Playing video games and hanging out in a cramped space will most probably cramp your style.
  1. VENTILATION AND TEMP CONTROL– This is one thing most people take for granted. Having proper ventilation is key to a good time. Humid places with no ventilation at all are usually smelly.Maximizing your temple of manliness’s temperature is also an integral part of having the best experience. Your consoles and other appliances may need constant cooling. Having regular HVAC services from trusted contractors will avoid fewer unnecessary expenses in repair.
  2. FOOD AND DRINKS– This is quite simple. You don’t want to be going back and forth getting snacks and drinks. Build a bar. This is not only practical and relevant but it also adds suave. Hanging out with the boys is incomplete without a sixer.
  3. SOUNDPROOF– Whatever you plan to do there is all up to you. But the people around might not enjoy the noise it brings. It wouldn’t really be a completely enjoyable experience with people constantly nagging the noise. Soundproof the room so even the loudest laugh from the friend who can’t hold his liquor would never break loose.

With proper planning and dedication, anything can be done. Visualize the man cave of your dreams and start building. You don’t even have to do it alone. It can be the perfect reason for you and the gang to get back together.

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