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Commercial Windows: Types, Styles, and Repairs

For modern architecture, windows are an instrument for elevating the building and creating an up-scale design. Yet, we cannot forget about the functionality and operational side. Investing the high-quality windows in the first place will help you avoid calling on glass repair services too often. Here is the necessary information you have to know about selecting the style, material, and structure of the commercial windows and the importance of timely repairs.

Window styles that suit commercial buildings

One of the complicated parts of design is to make your glass windows appealing, operational, and functional. Therefore, modern windows for commercial buildings come in different styles to enhance the exterior design and provide a livable or workable environment for the residents and employees. The window style will vary from room or floor purpose.

  • Sliding windows made their way to the top style for modern commercial buildings, giving perfect observation angle and storefront.
  • Awning little windows hinged on the top of the frame for climate control and air circulation. Placing such windows high up, you can open them at any height with no risk of people falling out.
  • Casement windows are hinged the same way as doors, making them highly operational and functional in the commercial building for interior and exterior use.
  • Single-hung or double-hung windows are widespread classic windows that suit any room, place, and surroundings and come in various designs.
  • Picture windows don’t open. Instead, the sole purpose of the geometrical, picturesque windows is to provide more daylight, opening the views. Designers use picture windows to elevate the high walls and staircases or add ambiance to the ceilings with skylights.

Popular windows types used for commercial projects

Windows take an enormous chunk of the budget, so it’s understandable why we search for cheaper material or substitutes. However, high quality, security, and durability should be a top priority when selecting what style and type of windows for commercial property. Unlike a residential house, you cannot afford to update windows any other ten years, so investing in top-notch material is a must-do.

  • Fiberglass

The top choice for architects and designers is fiberglass windows. Even if the price tag is a bit high, the material is durable and doesn’t require much maintenance over the years. Fiberglass is 100% water- and windrowed and can withstand severe weather conditions while sustaining a warm and calm environment on the inside.

  • Aluminum

An excellent choice for commercial and high-rise residential buildings is aluminum windows. Due to the metal core material, aluminum windows have high strength and are best suited for large, spacious openings. The main perks of those windows are low-maintenance and durability. Unlike other metal structures, aluminum doesn’t get corrosion and can last longer in harsh Canadian weather conditions.

  • Vinyl

Hands down, vinyl windows are the best solution for commercial property for their price-to-value ratio. Vinyl windows are a durable, low-maintenance, budget-friendly option with the best energy-efficiency qualities. If you didn’t find the right design, don’t worry, you can easily paint vinyl windows to give them a new look.

  • Tempered glass

Unlike residential houses, tempered glass is a legal requirement for commercial property, as it shatters in case of damage. The ruler glass we use at home is more likely to break into big pieces and easily cut your family or employees. From that standpoint, tempered glass is a safer option with less risk of hurting people.

  • Composed wood

The elegant classic solution, unfortunately, would be an expensive choice. Modern technology makes composed wood more durable, weather- and pest-resistant. Yet, the designs can elevate any commercial property to a world-class level. Surprisingly composed wood windows don’t require high-maintenance services, unlike regular wood.

Why do you need fast glass doors or windows repair services?

Most commercial window repair companies work 24/7 and provide urgent services in case of emergencies. In some cases, neglecting the damage can lead to worse consequences, so here is why you should call the local repair company as soon as the accident occurs.

  • Broken windows or glass doors put building security at risk, providing unsupervised entry for intruders.
  • Sharp edges of the shattered glass can hurt kids and adults. Therefore the place of the incident should be under supervision.
  • In case of massive window damage, the open space has to be monitored before help arrives to prevent people from falling out.
  • The heat from the building can attract small animals, birds, and insects to come through broken windows or doors.
  • Damaged windows affect the climate control in the property, causing heat loss during the cold season or, on the opposite side, letting the cold AC air out of the room. If not treated on time, it will cause your bills to skyrocket.
  • Leaving glass doors or windows broken for too long can cause deformation in the frame and structure itself, which leads to more expensive replacement services.

No matter the window’s location, as soon as the property manager, employee, or building resident notices a damaged glass door or a window, call the emergency repair services to avoid even more trouble.

Wrapping up

Windows are an essential part of any building that assist with climate control, provide daylight, support the structure of the building, and can even boost your employee’s efficiency and productivity. Selecting the layout, material, and style is an art form, yet taking care of the windows is a requirement. Maintenance rituals can prolong the durability of your windows and help you ditch costly replacements and repairs.

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