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Do Houses Need Eavestroughs?

Whether you own twenty houses already or just bought your first home, there are lots of things you have to deal with to ensure your property is in a safe condition. Due to financial constraints and other reasons, you may be wondering if you can avoid spending money on a few things. Resultantly, you may be wondering whether houses need eavestroughs or not.

Without a doubt, houses need eavestroughs. This is because the lack of eavestroughs can expose a house to a wide range of issues that can affect the building itself, its resident, as well as the other structures around it.

Here, we will mention a few of the reasons why houses need eavestroughs.

·       To prevent erosion

Once the rain and melted snow start falling off the roof without going into a drainage system, they can lead to erosion. Notably, erosion is the washing away of the layers of the soil; thereby, causing the landscape to slope and wear down. Instead of sending the water away from your foundation, this will make them come toward it. This will eventually lead to structural damages that will require costly repairs.

But if your house has an eavestrough, the channel will make sure the water is directed to the drainage system. Consequently, erosion will be prevented.

·       To prevent basement flooding

As water continues falling off your roof, the soil around your home will become oversaturated. This soil oversaturation doesn’t only put more pressure on your house’s foundation, but it will also push the walls of the basement inward. In other cases, it may lead to the cracking of the basement walls.

While this may not look dangerous at the beginning, the cracks will enable water to come into your basement. Resultantly, your basement will be flooded. It is worthwhile to note that basement flooding can cause mold growth, destruction of items inside the basement, as well as some health issues.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about basement flooding as long as your house has an eavestrough.

·       To prevent yard flooding

Another reason houses need eavestroughs is to prevent yard flooding. Yard flooding often occurs when melted snow and rainwater have gone into your yard instead of the drainage system. This occurs when a home doesn’t have an eavestrough that could have directed the water into the drainage.

·       To protect your garden

If you want flowers, shrubs, and other plants in your garden to blossom and beautify your home, it is important to install eavestroughs. Without eavestroughs, erosion will damage the soil and also wash away all plants in your garden. Even if the erosion is not too much and, resultantly, doesn’t wash away the plants, melting snow can form ice sheets that will eventually kill the plants.

·       To protect the siding of your house

Without eavestroughs, rainwater will leave dust, dirt, leaves, and other particles on the siding of your home. This will cause ugly stains on your house. Apart from making your building look unkempt, the stains will also reduce its curb appeal.

Again, houses need eavestroughs. So, make sure you hire professionals to help you install them around your home.

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