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Double Glazing Quick Rundown

In the recent past, double glazing was such a rage, attracting significant interests, with some seeing it only as a fad. Then, it was a big-wigs thing, a luxury only a few could afford. The perception, coupled with pushy salespersons pushing it as the next big thing, made double glazing a hot topic, one that generated favor and resistance with almost equal measures. Today, double gazing is not such a confusing consideration; new homes can hardly spot the outdated single-pane option, and property owners have invested in improvement as they realize its contributions.

In the modern resourceful and competitive market, you can comfortably find reliable and reputable services such as as you endeavor to improve your property for better functionality by considering double glazing for your doors, windows, conservatories, among other areas. If you are yet to consider double glazing, here is a glance to help you make an informed decision.

What is, and why double glazing?

Simply put, double glazing involves two panes of glass set in the same frame. The panes are separated by a vacuum, a thin layer of air, or an inert gas like argon. There are various options in the market, allowing you to choose double glazing that best fits your situation. The common double glazing options are;

  • Standard double glazing: This is the most common option, featuring two panes, and suitable for most weather conditions.
  • Smart glass: The option features low e-glass (emissivity glass), with a protective anti-glare film that reflects sun rays, reducing heat gain during the hot seasons.
  • Thermal glazing: Do you live in a region characterized by harsh weather? Then thermal glazing is your best option. The option uses smart glass, either in double or triple glazing units. Thermal glazing offers better insulation than the rest.

Among the top benefits of double glazing include;

Better insulation

Double glazing addresses the insulation bit, noting that the conventional single-pane glass is terrible at keeping the warm air in during the cold seasons and warm air out during the hot seasons. The traditional glass, only a few millimeters thick, makes it easier for air to pass through, making it harder to control your property’s temperatures.


If security is a significant concern, you can opt for toughened or laminated glass. With double glazing, you considerably improve security, noting that two panes are a lot harder for the intruders than a single pane.

Address condensation buildup

You’ve seen how windows on your car steam up during cold days; this happens as the window is cold, yet the car’s interior is warm. The same happens on your property, but with double glazing, you can significantly reduce it, noting that heat los reduction means that the interior glass doesn’t get that cold for condensation to build up. This means that your property won’t be characterized by lots of moisture, a significant concern that leads to problems such as mold.

Sound barrier

The thicker glass acts as a better sound barrier. This means less annoyance from those noisy neighbors.

Double glazing offers a lot that precedes your property improvement costs. Saving those skyrocketing energy bills as you enjoy better insulation is enough to tip you in favor of double glazing. With its other contributions that make your property a lot more efficient, you can hardly afford to ignore the solution.

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