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Four Ways to Prevent a Serious Ant Infestation In and Around Your Olympia Home

When the weather begins to get warmer, it can bring back out and create pest control issues. Ants are among the most troublesome and annoying household pests in Olympia. During the late spring and early summer, ants start to build their mounds and search for food, and if you are not careful, they may start taking up residence in your home. Olympia ant control involves preventing ants from entering your home. Here are tips you can follow:

Pay Attention to Scout Ants

You will know if ants are making their way into your house if you can find scout ants whose job is to source for food and water that their colony needs. If you notice these ants scouring about in your kitchen or pantry, this indicates that more ants may be coming. Thus, you need to take action right away.

Keep Your Home Clean

To make your home undesirable for ants, ensure you don’t leave evidence of your meals around your home. So, ensure you keep surfaces clean as well as clean up and store food items in sealed containers. Also, leftover food and dirty dishes you leave around your home will attract ants instantly and can become a buffer if you leave them uncleaned. 

Another important thing you should do to prevent ants from entering your home is to sweep and vacuum regularly. This will eliminate any stray food crumbs that may go unnoticed. Common surfaces such as counters and workbenches must be wiped down and cleaned with cleaning products to eliminate spills. 

Seal Off Cracks and Entrances to Your House

To prevent an ant issue from developing, look for areas in and around your house that could be possible entrances for ants. Seal cracks around windows and doors and your home’s foundation with caulking to eradicate a lot of the obvious entrances that ants can use.  But, as sealants degrade over time, pay attention to them and reapply as necessary. 

Control Ant Colonies

If you spot ants in your house, you will find a colony around your home. To control the ants that you can find in your house, make efforts to control them outside. If you find mounds developing around your property, apply exterminating products to the colony and the area around it. By eradicating the colony properly, you will prevent ants from spreading out and creating a new home elsewhere. If you have a serious ant issue outside your home, it is best to let pest control experts deal with it for you.  

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