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Glass Birds Sculptures

Murano is the island that is most important for glass manufacture in Venice. it has also been a popular vacation destination for many Venetian aristocratic families over the years in particular during the Renaissance period. They constructed their own palaces here and many literary characters congregated in its gardens and let themselves be inspired by the outstanding scenery of the lagoon. Murano’s prosperity and wealth have long been inextricably linked with glass-making production. Today, visitors may still roam its alleys and observe the experts at work in their furnaces, making wonderful and beautiful pieces of art.

Glass artisans, in fact, keep this kind of art alive. Their work is done under harsh conditions, in contrast to the ethereal delicacy of the completed piece. Through Fire, sweat, and arduous physical and mental concentration they work every day to create the next best glass art piece.  It is the proper material approach that has survived for 10 centuries and continues to produce priceless masterpieces. This is how the ancient heart of tradition, symbolized by the precise ritualistic motions regarded as the vital heritage of the past masters, is connected to a desire for innovation and perpetual renewal, in order to breathe new life into the thousand-year-old craft of Murano glass.

At Yourmurano, our Murano Glass Masters are able to produce exceptional one-of-a-kind goods by combining vibrant colors and stunning glassmaking skills. The center of their craft is vibrantly colored sculptures such as Glass Birds that resemble the rainbow spectrum and extremely colorful glass-shaped Parrots, where tradition and current glassmaking technology flourish. Take a closer look at the polished feathers of our Murano Glass Birds, which are handcrafted by our talented Masters by using chalcedony quartz to produce unique color lines and gold to add gloss and distinguishing chromatic traits. Being inspired by Venice’s flora and fauna sinuous bodies of works are realized, expressing the idea of freedom of flying away from the material world. Dive then into the lagoon panorama and experience the romantic feeling of Venice’s atmosphere that can completely elevate your classic or modern home décor.

These outstanding craftsmanships are the product of the centuries-old history of the most famous Venetian glass and embody dynamism and elegance. This is what you’ll discover among our Murano glass bird sculptures. Brightly colored art glass creatures meant to provide brightness and energy to your home setting. Glass Making in the Isle of Murano entails continuing a thousand-year-old tradition, as well as a history of knowledge, secrets, and skills. As a result, our Glass Masters aim is to safeguard this valuable legacy. If you liked what you discovered today check our authentic Murano Glass Sculptures and let us know the one you would like to shop!

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