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Handy Discusses Why You Should Take Free Online Plumbing Courses


According to Handy, free online plumbing courses from a reputed course provider can be just as beneficial as paid online plumbing courses. Whether plumbing is your passion, and you want to take that up as a profession or just want to know the fundamentals of plumbing to take care of any plumbing mishaps in your house, you should definitely check out a free online plumbing course.

The Reasons

Here are a few reasons why you should take free online plumbing courses:

  1. You can save money – One of the biggest reasons why you would want to join a free online plumbing course is the amount of money you could save. It can cost between $800-$1000 to complete a paid online plumbing course and even more if you want to go the traditional university route.

Thus, by joining a free online plumbing course, you can still learn about plumbing even if you have a limited budget. Plus, it would allow you to put the money into good use such as purchasing the required plumbing tools and equipment.

  1. Reputed free online plumbing courses are equally effective – Most people hesitate to join any free courses since most free courses don’t provide any value. However, reputed plumbing courses such as Alison’s “Introduction to plumbing” courses are highly rated by course reviewers, and you can learn a lot by joining such courses.

The courses are divided into many different modules which discuss a base topic. You will learn everything starting from the history of plumbing-to-plumbing safety, personal protective equipment, hazard communication, tool and environment safety, and more. You would also learn about work zone safety, trenching and excavation safety, how to work in confined spaces, emergency responses, and more.

  1. Online courses are convenient – A big advantage of joining an online course is the level of convenience it offers to the students. Since you don’t have to interact with a teacher directly, there is no requirement to attend the classes at a specific time and you can complete the course on your own time schedule.

All you require is a computer, mobile, or tablet with an internet connection and you can complete the course even while you are doing a traditional university degree.

  1. It can help you get hired – Once you join a reputed free online plumbing course, you have to watch a series of video lessons, practice on the simulations, and complete a series of assessments. And, if you manage to achieve a score of 80% or higher on every assessment, you will become eligible for a digital and physical certificate.

You can include the course certificate on your CV and share it on your social media profiles and even on job applications to land plumbing jobs. Some course providers also help you get hired and allow you to join their talent network once you complete the course.


Handy suggests you don’t hesitate to join a free online plumbing course if you want to build a career in the plumbing industry but don’t have the necessary funds to register for an expensive paid course.

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