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Have a statement Sofa? Here are 5 styling tips for your Living Room

One of the prime elements of your living room design is the sofa. If you can invest in a well-designed and functional sofa, it becomes the highlight of the room. There are many stylish and elegant sofas available in the market in various shapes, sizes, colours, fabrics, materials, and designs so that you can introduce more drama and opulence in the room. However, if you buy a sofa that does not complement the interior design of the room, it will diminish the room’s appeal. Also, you have to arrange the setup accordingly so that all the elements in the living room blend in perfectly. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help to set up the sofa in your living room:

1 ) Choose a bold coloured sofa for your living room

Your living room design should appear very colourful and vibrant. As a result, it will appear more inviting and welcoming to the guests. While buying the sofa for the living room, choose a bold coloured sofa that has bright textures and is eye-catching. It will certainly enliven the appeal of the room.

2 ) The area around the sofa should be well-lit

Good lighting is an important part of good interior design. It is important to keep this in mind while designing the living room. Whether you are opting for a traditional setup or a modern setup, add a few lighting fixtures near and around the sofa area. This will add more panache to your living room design. Common lighting fixtures involve ceiling lights or hanging lights. If your living room is quite big, you can consider installing a chandelier as well to complement the statement sofa set. Choose lights that create a warm and welcoming ambience for the guests.

3 ) Introduce a few artworks

To add more elegance to your living room, artworks are the best choice. They make your interior design more vibrant. However, there are a few rules that should be followed while installing artworks in the living room. Ensure that all the items are hung at least 10 to 12 inches higher from the furniture pieces. Also, the colour of the sofa set should not overmatch the artwork. A contrasting balance should be maintained.

4 ) Get a coffee table that complements the sofa

Without a coffee table, the living room setup looks incomplete and unfinished. When placed with your sofa set, the coffee table will blend in with the decor very easily. You should always incorporate a coffee table in the interior design. It makes the space more functional by providing space for serving snacks and drinks to the guests. To ensure that the coffee table complements the sofa, there are various types of coffee tables available in the market. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, shapes, textures, and colours.

5 ) Always ensure that the right balance is maintained in the living room

If you do not have any idea about interior design, it can be difficult to maintain a balance as bright colours can be very tricky. They might look very appealing or end up adding too much drama to the space. While choosing bold patterns and colours, you should ensure that a balance is maintained. For instance, if the sofa has a bright colour, incorporate decor elements that have muted colours in the setup as well.

Irrespective of whether you have a traditional home decor or a modern interior design, you can never go wrong with a statement sofa. It will make the space appear very sophisticated and inviting. Just ensure that you follow the aforementioned tips so that a balance is maintained in the room.

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