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Hiring a Stellar Event Planner (Your Step by Step Guide)

If you’re having any sort of event and have decided that an event planner is for you, then you’re in the right spot. Event planners do a  great job of planning events, connecting you with other people such as venue owners, caterers, and event photographers. They are an all-in-one source for you to get everything done for your event promptly while looking amazing. 

How Do I Find The Right Event Planner?

The first step of having an event to plan is, of course, finding the event planner. There are a lot of different things to look for and consider when hiring an event planner. The first thing you must consider is what the event is for. Some event planners are specific to a niche, while others do a bit of everything. You also want to consider the budget, experience, and reputation of the event planner as well. Here are a few of the key things to look out for in an event planner. Click here for more information:

  • Experience
  • References/Reviews
  • Portfolio/Proof Of Work 
  • Reliability 
  • Understands Your Vision
  • Budget Friendly 

How Does Event Planning Work?

Once you’ve found the perfect event planner then you can start event planning. If you’ve never been through this process before, there are a few main steps that are usually done in this process. These steps are as follows: 

  1. Define Your Objective
  2. Choose A Location
  3. Set A Date
  4. Create A Plan
  5. Invitations
  6. Day Of The Event

These six steps help to walk both you and your event planner through your goals for the event which can help them understand your vision. Then you will work the details out such as when, where, and what. The ‘what’ is your plan you have for the event such as activities, food, drinks, speeches, or anything else needed for the event. Sending out invitations is the easy part once you make a guest list and design the invites. Lastly is the day of the event which is when the event planner will help make sure everything is running accordingly. 

How Do I Reach Out To An Event Planner?

If you’ve decided that an event planner is best for you then now it comes time to reach out to them. Event planners nowadays typically have a lot of different media and ways to contact them from email, phone, and social media platforms. Reach out to them via one of these options. It’s important to not give too much or too little information in the first communication you have with them. Start by sending out the goal or main event name or theme, plus the date or a range of date possibilities. This can help the event planner to make sure they have time to fit you in with all the other events they are planning. 


Overall, event planners can be a great investment if you’re looking to host a huge event or if you want an extra hand making something super special. They pay attention to lots of detail and they are a great asset to have. Event planners should be experienced and have references or a portfolio to take a look at before hiring them. Be sure to follow the six steps of event planning to help get everything in order. Be sure to contact an event planner today if you think you’ll need assistance on your next event. 

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