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Home Improvements That Boost Property Value

Let’s face it, we all love to improve our living space, which brings an added level of comfort and attractiveness, yet some renovations increase the property value more than others. Buying your home is likely to be the biggest single investment you’ll ever make, and if you can carry out improvements that boost the value, you are creating future wealth.

Here are a few home improvements that will see the value of your property soar.

  • Kitchen Renovation – A rip-out and complete refit wouldn’t cost a fortune and you would see a good return on your investment that would grow as the years pass. Quality appliances and tasteful décor, with bespoke cabinets and a certain theme, and if you hook up with a local kitchen renovation specialist, they can come up with the perfect design.
  • Bathroom Revamp – If you’re less than happy with your current bathroom and would like something luxurious, there are bathroom renovation specialists in North Sydney who can carry out the work for a very reasonable price. The builder would have an in-house interior designer who can make the very best of the available space and create a bathroom you will love. When valuing a property, all major rooms are taken into consideration and a luxurious bathroom really does make a difference.
  • Hot Tub – There is bound to be a corner where you can install a made to measure hot tub, and with current technology, you can have a state-of-the-art hot tub with all the features of a millionaire’s residence. If you would like to learn more about jacuzzies and hot tubs, there will be a local company that specialises in designing and installing hot tubs. A top of the range unit will never be cheap, but the value added to the property is significant, not to mention the sheer luxury.
  • Swimming Pool – Yes, it is a considerable investment, yet building a pool is the best single improvement you could make to your property, and take a look at similar properties with and without a pool and look at the price difference! Of course, there are various types of pool, with fibreglass providing a cheaper alternative to concrete, and by talking to a pool expert, you can find out what is possible and how much it would cost.

Over the years, you can add new features and even extend your living space, and wen you want to sell up and retire somewhere nice, you will be more than happy with the value of your home.

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