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How Can You Make Your Swimming Pool ‘Pop’ With Colours

Getting a fibreglass pool is an expensive investment, and you probably want to ensure that your pool looks as good as possible. With so many people choosing to get pools for their homes, it can be difficult for your pool to stand out from the others. One way you can make your swimming pool ‘pop’, is with the help of colours around your pool and with the pool colours chosen.

Don’t lounge by a drab pool, that looks like the same thing everyone else has. Instead, turn your fibreglass pool and your backyard into a vibrant space that captures people’s attention anytime they come near it.

Adding Colours To Your Pool Area

It isn’t just your fibreglass pool that you have to think about, but your backyard as well. When you add colours to your backyard, in such a way that the landscape design complements the pool design and vice versa, your backyard will really shine.

However, how can you add colour to your pool? Here’s how:

1. The Floor Of The Pool

Most people get a fibreglass pool where the water looks like it’s coloured blue. This colour actually comes from the colour of the tiles that line the floor of the swimming pool. These tiles can be purchased in other pool colours as well.

You can have the water in your swimming pool appear green, red, and even black. Although blue-coloured tiles are the most popular, tiles of other colours have been gaining popularity over the years. Note, however, that you should be able to tell what condition the pool water is in, by looking at it.

Say you get tiles that are of a darker colour. This could result in the water of your pool appearing dark as well. When this happens, it might be difficult for you to tell if there is any kind of problem with the water in the pool. This means that if the pool water is cloudy in appearance, you might not be able to tell so easily. One way to overcome this problem is by testing the water in your pool regularly.

With most of the colours available, when it comes to pool floor tiles, you should be able to tell what condition the water in the pool is in, pretty easily.

2. Water Features

There are certain water features you can add, like water slides, that give a more colourful look to your pool. Water slides, in particular, are available in a broad range of bright colours. If you have children at home, then adding a water slide to your fibreglass pool can be an excellent idea.

There are other water features that you can add as well, such as fountains. Small fountains, that come with lights that help change the colour of the water pouring down, can enable you to add a colourful touch to your pool. These fountains use a small amount of energy to run, so you don’t have to worry about expensive energy bills.

3. Pool Lighting

To really make your fibreglass pool ‘pop’, you need the right mood lighting. First of all, you should have adequate lighting around your pool, such that people can enjoy good visibility even when it’s dark. You should have lights next to the pathways in your backyard, so people don’t trip.

In addition to these, you can also get ambient lighting as well as accent lighting, for your pool area. You’ll be able to control how bright the light shines, as well as what colour it is. Change how your pool looks, by changing the colour of the lights. You can get string lights as well, which can help you add a decorative touch to your backyard.

4. Pool Accessories

There are several pool accessories that you can use, such as pool noodles, floats, and more, to make the pool look more colourful. When your family or your guests want to use your pool, get the pool accessories out. These accessories help make the pool a safer place for everyone and help impart more colour as well.

Get floats in different colours as well as shapes, to make your pool look more colourful to anyone using it.

5. Furniture And Deck Chairs

It isn’t just your pool that you should focus on making colourful, but the area around it as well. Instead of getting pool deck chairs that are a dull or neutral colour, get some that are more brightly coloured instead. A lot of people opt for wooden furniture for their backyard. While this can be a good idea, you can have your wooden chair painted to a brighter shade as well.

For the cushions, throws and other cloth you add to your backyard, ensure that these are colourful and vibrant. You’ll probably also want to add furniture around your pool, especially for your pool parties and get-togethers. Ensure that the furniture you add to your yard is coloured brightly. Even lighter shades of brown can help you to add more vibrancy to your yard.

6. Plants And Flowers

One way to naturally add more colours to your backyard is with the help of flowers. Plant different kinds of flowers in your yard to get pops of colour. You can add trees and shrubs as well, but ensure they are placed at least ten feet away from your pool. Plants that are in pots or planters can be placed near the pool.

Avoid placing plants too close to the pool, to prevent leaves, twigs and dirt from falling into the pool water. With the help of plants and flowers, you’ll really be able to make your pool area look vibrant and stunning.


Making your fibreglass pool look more colourful is easier than you think. There are several things that you can do, to make your pool area look bright and colourful. You can get colourful pool lighting, add plants and flowers to your backyard, and even colour your poolside furniture to look more colourful. Use the tips in this guide to make your fibreglass pool and the surrounding area look eye-catching and colourful.

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