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How Does House Leveling Work? (Your Quick Guide)

House leveling is one of those things that many homeowners hope they never have to deal with, but many homeowners actually do have to go through. House leveling is the process of leveling your home that has sunk or is now sitting unevenly. This is a large project, but it’s a very important one that needs to be done. We’re going to go over how house leveling works and what to expect from housing leveling.

What Happens When You Level Your House?

House leveling is a repair that is done on the foundation. House leveling is usually done to a home that is uneven or is sinking into the ground. With that benign said, there are two different ways that house leveling can be done. These two methods are based mostly on the original type of foundation that your home is made of.

Slab foundations, which are usually what most residential homes are made of, can be repaired and leveled by using piers. These piers are put into the ground underneath your foundation and they are used to push your foundation up where it needs to be.

If you have a pier and beam foundation then you’ll need support beams to be installed under your foundation to push up your home where it needs to be. This also gives extra support to your foundation to prevent further settling and the need for further house leveling. Click here for additional information.

Duration of Leveling a House

House leveling can take up to a week depending on the needs of your home. Some house leveling jobs might only take a couple of days, but it’s important to remember that this is a huge foundation repair so it will take a bit of time, money, and labor to complete. House leveling can take different amounts of time depending on how bad the damages are and the soil that’s underneath your home, which also determines the method used for house leveling.

How Can You Tell If You Need House Leveling?

If you notice any signs of uneven flooring, bowed walls, cracks, or overall just slanted walls, doors, or floors then you might need house leveling. Most foundation repair companies can help to determine if you truly need house leveling by inspecting your home. This will help them determine how bad your damages are while also figuring out which method of house leveling if any, they’ll need to use.


Overall, house leveling should be done as soon as a homeowner finds out that their home is unlevel. Leaving the home like this could result in many more foundation problems which can be both costly and stressful for the homeowner. House leveling is a large foundation repair that should only be done by professionals. House leveling companies do a great job at completing the project so much so that you wouldn’t even notice your home wasn’t level before their repair. If you’re looking to get your home leveled then be sure to contact a house leveling company as soon as possible.

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