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How much do House Surveys cost?

A house survey is an expert evaluation of the condition of a property that reveals any difficulties for a prospective buyer. It is conducted by a surveyor who visits the property, conducts an inspection, and provides a report explaining any issues discovered. The Homebuyer Survey involves a visual assessment of all major inside elements such as ceilings, roofs, walls, and bathrooms, as well as permanent outside structures such as roofing.

It is critical that individuals have as much information as possible about the cost of a property survey. With so many alternatives on the market, deciding which survey is best for you might be challenging. Getting a Structural Survey Report will add an additional expense for most individuals when making their final decision to buy a house, but this report can save them a lot of money in the long run. This is why it is crucial to understand house surveys and how much they cost. The person who requests the survey is the one who must arrange it; in most cases, the buyer is the one who organises a survey when buying a house after their offer has been approved.

There are three fundamental types of house surveys.

1.    Condition Report– A Condition Report is a brief, surface-level evaluation of a property that identifies any evident flaws. It, like the other property surveys, employs a ‘traffic light system’ to highlight any architectural faults or damage that need attention or future repairs. It just emphasizes and summarises the property’s flaws and the potential risks associated. A Condition Report will include some of the most prevalent problems identified in homes, as well as any noticeable surface-level problems.

2.    Homebuyer Report/Survey of Home Condition– The primary distinction between a HomeBuyer Report and a Building Survey is that a Building Survey is far more extensive. Inspecting the roof space, grounds, floors, and services is part of a building survey. It provides a decent Level 2 overview of the property, but you may want to take a step further and arrange for an independent structural or building survey.

3.    Building Inspection- A building inspection is just one of the many checks you may perform before purchasing a home. The building inspection report is a documented account of the state of the property. It will contain any major building defects or difficulties, such as increasing moisture, wall movement, safety hazards, or a defective roof. Performed by a building inspector, who is normally employed by a city, township, or county and is usually certified in one or more fields, allowing them to make expert judgments regarding whether a facility fulfills building code requirements.


The cost of a house survey majorly depends on the cost of the property in question and also on the area and the type of survey being opted for. As mentioned above this might add additional cost to your buying but it definitely pays off in the long run and is always advised in order to ensure a great buy.

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