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How to create budget wall art

Having art on the walls of your home is a great way to create interest and give the impression of an expensive and curated personal collection — but the truth need not be so costly. There are lots of ways you can create wall art for your property on a budget. Follow these top tips for clever and creative displays that will have visitors commenting in admiration every time they stop by.

Hang appropriately

There’s nothing cheaper looking than beautiful prints stuck up with sticky tack or sellotaped to a bare wall. Investing in proper art hanging systems needn’t break the bank. It can be done easily from specialist retailers who offer a variety of tools to display all types of art without damaging walls.

Size up… and down

A common misconception about ‘art’ is that it only counts if it’s created by a known ‘artist’, costs a lot of money or is a painting or sculpture… but this simply isn’t the case. Eye-catching wall hangings can be made using large off-the-shelf pop culture posters or smaller sized postcards, and both can be framed and hung for display. Large pieces can be balanced out by smaller ones, and both can be posted alongside each other for a statement gallery design. Who needs to spend millions of pounds at an art auction when you can buy an affordable printed replica?

Get crafty

If painting isn’t your thing, try another craft that can be completed and curated across your walls. Cross stitch is growing in popularity amongst wannabe crafters and there are various, inexpensive ‘everything-you-need-to-try-embroidery’ kits on the market. Similarly, weaved baskets can be hung on walls and printed pieces framed for presentation. Whatever you create, it doesn’t need to look realistic or professional to be worthy of a place in your display. Why not try hand-painting with your children or playing photographer out and about, taking shots that compliment your interior colour scheme? There’s no need to buy art when you can make it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Use everyday items

Art can be created using just about anything. Thrift items or things you already own can be made into spectacular, unique art pieces. Laying out coloured crayons and using a hairdryer to melt them across a white backdrop is an art concept that’s taking the internet by storm. Consider painting wooden kitchen utensils and hanging them on walls, using clipboards as frames for printed art or painting with chalk paint to make grids of editable wall space.

Memorialise your life

Taking photos and displaying them on walls has long been a favoured way for homeowners to display their favourite memories but there’s lots more that can be done without having to fork out the funds for a high-quality camera and printer. Memorialise trips away by framing the free maps available from the area you visit, press and dry leaves and flowers from walks and events, and keep a hold of tickets, postcards and wallpaper clippings from your favourite places to create mosaics and thought boards. Many items that can spark happy memories can be collected for free — you just need to remember to pick them up and display them later on.

‘Good’ art is in the eye of the beholder and doesn’t need to meet the outdated stereotypes of hugely expensive paintings shared only between collectors. With a little creativity, you can economise without compromising on craftsmanship.

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