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How to Create More Space within Your Property

We all like to feel like we’re living somewhere with plenty of room to cook, socialise and enjoy our own company. Being cramped or confined in a small space can leave you feeling stressed and even unable to switch off at the end of a long day.

But what if you don’t have the budget to live somewhere with large, airy rooms? Or if you live in a city-centre where big homes are not easy to come by? Here, we’ll discover the different ways you can create more space within your property that doesn’t cost the earth.


It’s paradoxical but true that unfurnished rooms tend to look smaller than ones with ample furniture in them! So, don’t feel like you have to get rid of sofas and tables to create more space in your home. Instead, ensure that you have all the furnishings you need and place them so that there are clear walkways (you don’t want to cause any obstruction as you walk from room to room).

Outside, corner dining sets typically take up less space than ordinary outdoor sofas and you can match this with a small but handy rattan table for your next garden party.


If you’re limited on space, take a look around your property and see what areas you can use for something else. Need a home office? How about utilising that empty space under your stairs. Need a place to enjoy dinner parties with a few friends but don’t have a dining room? Install a cheap yet effective breakfast bar in your kitchen.

Your garden is also a great place to use as somewhere to entertain guests or relax rather than using a small lounge. So make sure to make the most of whatever space you have outside, too.


It’s all about optical illusions when you want to create more space within your property. One of the best and easiest ways to subtly trick the mind into believing there’s more room is with mirrors. Hang one in every room to help reflect light and you can even place a few of these on the fence in your garden for the same effect!


It’s easy to accumulate clutter in a  small property, but it’s also easy to do something about it. Help create more space by investing in decent storage. From ottomans and shelves to sheds and vacuum packs, there are lots of options in a variety of styles to get the perfect storage solution for your home.


Add a splash of colour to your walls if you want them to feel taller and bigger. A handy trick is to go with soft tones like creams, pale blues and light greens to give the impression of a larger space. Also, remember that rooms in brighter colours feel bigger as they help to bounce light around. You could also try painting the wall trim and mouldings in a slightly paler colour than your walls themselves for an even greater effect.


Rooms always look bigger if they are well lit, either naturally or artificially. With that in mind, throw out heavy drapes and curtains that might be blocking the sunshine, open your windows, and add more lighting at different levels and intensities throughout your home. All of these methods will help scatter light throughout your property and create more space.

Good luck with your space-creating renovations!

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