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How To Decorate Your Home With A Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavian décor has emerged as the next big thing of home styling as it strikes the perfect blend of functionality and simplicity. Its understated elegance has become an absolute favourite of minimalists who wish to infuse their space with pleasing aesthetics. Following the below-mentioned tips can help you incorporate the snuggly way of living in your existing or new house makeover.

  • Lighting Holds The Key

Daylight is nothing more than a temporary luxury for Scandinavian people and they incorporate different types of lighting in their home décor for uplifting their mood and radiating a cosy vibe. Candlelight is an absolute must since it imparts a whimsy glow so that you can make the most of your indoor time. Giant paper lanterns in round, square, rectangular and long shapes having varying levels of texture and thickness are also viable options given their whimsical design which allows light to shine through.

  • Floating Shelves

While these are best for kitchens, then can also be incorporated in your living room setup for opening up a tight space. You can easily display your favourite pieces in the open for that neat and classy look.

  • Form & Texture

Clean lines are also preferred when it comes to Scandinavian furniture. You can often find them drawing inspiration from mid-century designs in terms of smooth rounded edges and natural hues. Texture also holds paramount importance and a metal chair is always balanced out with a soft draping. Signs of a laidback lifestyle can be inculcated by strategically placing wool throw blankets, sheepskin rug and mohair throw pillows on the floor.

  • Indoor Greens

As Scandinavian décor relies heavily on muted colour palettes, you can brighten up your room with a large green fern or maybe a big floral arrangement in dainty hues. This can impart a dash of vibrancy to your space without going over-the-top.

  • Light Hue Of Flooring

Scandinavian flooring is traditionally made of hard-wood either in natural colour or white paint. This helps in creating an illusion of larger floor space and tends to invite in more light.

  • Neutral Wall Colour

Shades of grey, white, brown and black are often interwoven to create a calming look in the Scandinavian colour palette. Wall décor has a pivotal role to play for elevating your home aesthetics and this is why designers recommend  Scandinavian wallpaper having accents of rich sea green and dusty pink for a regal look.

  • Simple Decorative Accents

Wood is a common constituent in Scandinavian design, not only in terms of flooring but also furniture like coffee and dining tables. A growing trend of adding metallic finishes in lighting can be seen for enhancing the glitz quotient of your room via brass and copper pendants and scones. For a dash of elegance, you can place a ceramic vase in the living room along with couch pillows having geometric prints.

  • Minimal Window Treatments

The core principle of Scandinavian interiors is to lure in as much natural light as possible and this is why they advocate leaving their windows devoid of any coverings. However, for privacy you can opt for light fabrics such as sheer and linen. The glow of moonlight creates a magical aura during night and makes the whole setup look like a picture postcard.

  • Wooden Slats

Wooden slats serve as an excellent means of accentuating any room as it opens up the space nicely to create an illusion to bigger space. This blends in seamlessly with the wooden flooring and creates a spa-like feel which never fails to relax your senses.


The main essence of this minimalist style lies in creating a clutter free setup by doubling up storage items as décor. Natural materials like wood, leather and hemp find heavy usage in Scandinavian home décor which combines abstraction and natural shapes.

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