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How to determine the perfect frame for your wall hangings?

Once you have chosen a beautiful photo for print, the next thing is to pick the right frame-one that transforms your photo and enhance it into authentic artwork. The good news is selecting a picture frame is easy once you understand the fundamentals.

To assist, we share all of the factors on how to select a picture frame, whether it is wood, metal, black, white or brown mirror frame for your rooms or home.

The common types of frames

An extensive variety of frame types and sizes are available, and a few of them are famous: wood, black or white and metallic frames.  These styles, when applied correctly, will amplify the general presentation of your artwork.

Ensure that you choose the frame that is compatible with one of these styles.

Wood picture frames

As a natural material, wood provides and warm and classy touch. Ranging in color from light to dark, relying on the finishing used, wood frames offers you different options for contrasting and complementing your images.

Photos with warmer tones, like orange, red, and brown, look best with darker frames created from woods like walnut and mahogany. Cooler tones in a photo, such as lavender, blue and green, merge better with lighter wood frames made of pine, oak and ash.

Selecting a wood frame is dependent on the rest of the decor in your home. Wood frames differ from simple designs to ones with intricate and ornate detailing.

Ensure to match your frame accordingly, whether to your traditional, rustic, chic or country style.

White or black picture frames

Putting your photo in a solid-colored frame, like white or black, will genuinely accentuate the beauty when applied appropriately. Black frames provide a formal and elegant look, while white frames tend to be more eclectic and casual. Both white and black frames carry a modern feel and streamlined image.

A black frame will culminate the darker traits in your photo and contrast to the lighter ones. It is best to use a photo with some dark and light tones in a black frame to build a balanced look.

White frames generate a close vibe. These frames tend to make the darkness in photos project, and the light hues incorporate into the background. White frames work best for candid and casual photos.

Metallic picture frames

Metallic frames have a stylish and modern vibe. It lifts a photo’s coloring, making it more eye-catching and vibrant. These frames work well with family portraits, wedding photos and stunning landscapes. Candid shots look better in a wood, black, or white frame.

White and black photos also rhyme well with metallic picture frames. It provides a contrasting color to the photograph itself.

In conclusion

Note that matching a frame to your existing space decor is more essential than color in your appearance to the frame itself. Your frame and mat color should be different. To assist your artwork, stand out, ensure your frame color is not the same as your wall color.

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