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How to Dress Up Your Pool for Halloween?

Halloween is almost everyone’s favourite holiday. You can dress up to be anything, be it a unicorn, witch, or ghost, and eat lots of delicious treats. The beauty of autumn combined with the decorations makes Halloween one of the most festive celebrations. When you are dressing up your whole house for the festive season, you can also decorate your backyard swimming pool to have that added spookiness. You can get creative with your pool decorations and even have Halloween pool parties with your friends and neighbours.

Tips to dress up your pool for Halloween

You can make your swimming pool the centre of Halloween celebrations by decorating it in the spookiest way possible. Some tips to dress up your pool for Halloween include:

Use skeletons

Skeletons are an indispensable part of Halloween decorations. You can use them to make both terrifying and funny decorations. Add cobwebs and some smoke to give a scary look. You can put sheets over the skeleton to give it a ghostly appearance. If you are aiming for a look that will make people laugh, dress up your skeleton in a bikini. You can even try for a unique look by dressing up your skeleton as a mermaid. Arrange the skeletons in unique ways, like climbing out of the pool or hovering above the pool surface. You can also simply place the skeletons strategically in floaters and let them float around in the pool. You can also make the skeletons lounge at the poolside or even in chairs near your pool.

Use pumpkins

Halloween is the season of pumpkins. It is used for everything from decorations to delectable treats. You can also use pumpkins to decorate your swimming pool for Halloween. Pumpkins are buoyant, so they will float in the pool water. Carve some creepy faces on the pumpkins and light them with candles or glow sticks. If you are afraid of causing a fire, try using flameless candles. Place them gently onto the pool surface, and they will float along the pool surface, creating a creepy look.

If you do not want to use real pumpkins, you can opt for plastic ones. Try reusing plastic candy buckets in the shape of pumpkins. One benefit of using plastic pumpkins is that you don’t have to carve them. Use glow sticks to light up the plastic pumpkin just like you did with the real ones. Pumpkins can also be placed all around your pool, on poolside furniture, and as pumpkin patches near the edge of the pool. All this will bring the true spirit of Halloween to your poolside.

Make your pool bloody

No Halloween decoration is complete without a bit of gore. Add some pool dye that can turn your pool water blood-red. It is safe and will not leave stains in the pool. The colour will naturally fade away after some days. Ensure that you are using a properly labelled pool dye to prevent damage to the pool, installed by the pool builders Perth. Also, remember to clean your pool water before applying the dye to get the best results. Avoid using fake blood since it can mess up your pool chemistry.

After you have made your pool red, you can add some accessories to it to add to the spookiness, like a floating head or other body parts. Even skeletons will look much creepier in a blood-red pool. You can even add a zombie on the pool steps for added spookiness.

Dry ice and bubbles

You can give your pool a scary, foggy appearance by adding dry ice to it. To make your entire poolside look spooky, bury dry ice on the pool steps and scatter it around your pool. Dry ice should not be placed directly into the pool because it can drastically alter the pH levels. Also, use extreme caution while handling it. Wear proper gloves and keep swimmers out of the pool when there is dry ice around. To thoroughly frighten your guests, you can also add decorations like a life-size zombie or even a few fake eyeballs.

To make a frothy foam on your pool surface, try adding laundry soap. This can sometimes alter your pool’s water chemistry, so remember to check the chemical and pH levels before you use the pool next time. It is also important to clean and shock the pool after you remove these decorations.

Spiders, cobwebs, and fog

Both spiders and cobwebs are an essential part of Halloween decorations. You can use store-bought spider decor pieces and hang them all around the pool area. Cobwebs can be used either alone or in combination with other decorations like skeletons. You can also make DIY spiders using balloons.

If you do not want to use dry ice, you can create fog using a fog machine. You can conceal the fog machine behind a pumpkin or planter and turn it on when needed.

Glowing eye decorations

This is a fantastic way to create Halloween decorations from easily available and cheap materials. Grab a pen, draw a pair of eyes on a toilet paper roll, and then cut them out with scissors. After that, break a glow stick and insert it into the roll. Make a handful of those sparkling eyeballs and place them in convincing locations, such as the shadowy space between the shrubs.

Graveyard theme

You can also decorate your swimming pool based on the graveyard theme. Make some DIY gravestones and place some candles strategically to create an eerie effect. You can also use store-bought decoration pieces if you can stretch your budget.

Witchy and ethereal

If you want to take a less garish approach to your Halloween decorations, choose a mystical or ethereal theme. To create an otherworldly atmosphere at your poolside, try using dry ice or bubbles. Make use of simple lanterns, candles, and other similar decorations. You can also use one or two white glow sticks placed in water balloons for added charm.

In Conclusion

Swimming pools can be easily decorated to create a spooky look for Halloween. You can even use your decorated poolside for Halloween parties and impress your guests with your unique decorations.

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