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How to Dress Up Your Pool for Valentine’s Day?

As soon as February arrives, couples all around the world are looking for new ideas to shower love on their significant other. Many people try to please their partners by booking lavish holidays, vacations to exotic places, and even all-night parties. All these are great ideas, but if you already have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can dress it up to create the most memorable Valentine’s Day of your life. Swimming pools are great for having a romantic dinner with your partner on Valentine’s Day. You can also organise Valentine’s Day parties to celebrate with your friends, especially when you are single and ready to mingle.

Tips to dress up your pool for Valentine’s Day

If you are planning on making your backyard pool the centre of your Valentine’s Day celebration, you should show it some love as well. By following a few simple tips, you can make your pool beautiful and striking and create numerous memories surrounding it on Valentine’s Day.

Clean your pool

Cleaning and maintaining your inground swimming pools Perth should be an everyday affair. But it is even more important when you are trying to decorate your pool for your Valentine’s Day dinner or pool party. Clean up all the floating leaves and other debris on the pool surface. Make sure to trim any overgrown bushes or plants around your pool to prevent the pool from getting dirty easily. Empty the skimmer basket and run the pool filters. Scrub and clean the pool tiles and make them shiny This will help to keep the pool water sparkling and beautiful. Check the levels of different chemicals in the pool water and make adjustments wherever necessary. You should also make sure to thoroughly clean the pool deck and the surrounding area. You can make your pool really shine for your Valentine’s Day celebration by showing it a little care and love.

Protect your pool

After all the cleaning and maintenance, if you do not invest in a good pool cover, all your work may go to waste. Your pool can get easily dirty if you do not invest in a pool cover. After cleaning the pool, cover it before you start decorating for the big celebration. This will ensure that the pool remains clean when you start your decoration process. Having a pool cover has numerous other advantages, like reducing evaporation, reducing pool heating costs, and protecting your kids and furry friends from accidents.


This is the main part of dressing up your pool for Valentine’s Day. You must keep in mind that you do not need to go overboard with your decorations. Just make sure that your swimming pool gives a romantic feel during the day and night.


There is nothing more important than roses in a Valentine’s Day celebration, whether you are organising a pool party or a romantic dinner with your lover. Using red roses will set up a beautiful, romantic mood. Take some red roses with their stems and keep them in vases near the edge of your pool. You can also scatter rose petals on the pool deck. Make sure you do this just before the celebration begins, as you do not want the petals to scatter away due to wind. Additionally, you can also cover the pool’s surface entirely with rose petals. This will give a really romantic mood to the swimming pool.


Candles bring beauty to all kinds of celebrations, including Valentine’s Day, and candlelight offers the most romantic atmosphere. You can decorate your pool deck with beautiful candles to give the entire pool area a romantic and ethereal look. You can make little hearts and spell out your partner’s name using candle arrangements to give it a personal touch. If you like, you can also surround your pool with candles placed inside lanterns.

You can also fill your swimming pool with candles for an even more beautiful look. Be sure to add some rose petals and even some moss along with the candles. You can use flameless candles to avoid any fire risks. These candles will give you the same aesthetics as conventional candles but without the drawbacks like dripping wax and fires.


Appropriate lighting is also necessary to make your pool area look romantic. To create the right atmosphere, you can drape the trees surrounding your pool with fairy lights. Cafe lights are also a great option for creating a romantic and cosy look. You should also have some practical lighting to facilitate easy movement during the night, especially if you are planning a late-night date.

Hearts and balloons

You can use copious amounts of balloons and heart-shaped accessories when you are decorating your swimming pool for Valentine’s Day. Tie the balloons to chairs, planters, trees, and other structures surrounding your swimming pool. You can also float a few balloons in the swimming pool. Make sure that the balloons are red or pink to go with the theme of Valentine’s Day.

You can fill different areas surrounding the pool with heart-shaped accessories. Use red heart-shaped pillows on your sofa and chairs. You can also use heart-shaped floaters in your swimming pool. All these will give a splash of colour to your decorations.

You can also make easy DIY decorations with coloured paper. But these will be a little difficult to clean off later, so if you think you might be pressed for time, you can skip them.

Cosy sitting area

If you are planning a romantic night with your partner for Valentine’s Day, make sure to create a cosy sitting space near your pool. If you are planning on sitting on the ground, arrange some cosy blankets and throw in some fluffy pillows. Make sure the colours match the theme of Valentine’s Day. If you have a poolside sofa, make it extra comfortable by using additional pillows and blankets.

Wrapping Up

Your pool area is one of the best places to celebrate the perfect Valentine’s Day with your partner. With the right decorations, delicious food, wine, and romantic music, you can create some of the most beautiful memories at your poolside.

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