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How to Get More Natural Light in Your Home





Nothing feels better than having a house that’s well-lit and inviting. In constructing a home, you must plan correctly to have spaces that have enough light. You need to speak with your architect about your desire to have well-lit rooms so they can incorporate them into the plans. After all, planning is a crucial step in building anything as it affects the overall result.

Take a look at NetBet, Netflix or Next for example. These websites have been planned, modelled and developed based on the demographic and diversity of the end user – a house should be planned, developed and built to maximise its intended end user demographic.

The following are a few tips to ensure that your home receives more natural light.

Use the right colour palette

Remember that colours either absorb or reflect light. Painting your walls and ceilings with darker paint will create a dull, dreary look. Instead, choose a colour scheme that will help reflect light. Use semi-gloss or satin paint to ensure that your spaces will look brighter regardless of the time of day. 

Try to mix and match as you see fit, but you should always lean towards a lighter shade of colour. You can find inspiration from different magazines and your friends’ homes. 

Incorporate mirrors and shiny objects

One of the best ways to reflect more light into the room is to hang a mirror opposite a window. The mirror itself will make the area look larger than its actual size and result in an even brighter room by reflecting the light from outside. Of course, the same interior decorating principle applies to shiny objects, too.

Install larger doors and windows 

In the planning stage of your project, ask the architect if they can increase the size of the doors and windows. Making these elements larger and opening up the layout will ensure that more natural light can enter the area. Don’t worry, the advancement in window technology addresses the issue of illumination over privacy.

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Think about skylights and solar tubes

If you can incorporate skylights and solar tubes into the design, it will pay huge dividends. Skylights will allow natural light through the roof and enhance the lighting in various rooms around the house. The same principle applies to solar tubes. They will allow light to pass through them, and you can direct their output accordingly. The light produced can reach the equivalent of three 100 watt light bulbs.

Use sheer draperies and blinds

One novel way to increase natural light in your homes is to remove the heavy curtains and replace them with sheer ones. You can also use Venetian blinds to control the amount of light that enters the space. 

Wash the windows

Many people forget to wipe or wash their windows, and the grime buildup affects the light that enters your windows. A simple wipe-down inside and outside the windows will ensure increased natural light.


You can allow more natural light into your homes with a bit of conscious effort. It only takes adding or removing a few things to improve the amount of light in your space.

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