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Fireplaces can enhance the look and beauty of the room. A beautiful and intricate fireplace can make your space memorable for all your guests, family, and friends. Adding a mantel to your fireplace only adds to the beauty of your fireplace. The Fireplace Store will help you to find the perfect fireplace mantel for your room. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, then you could get a mantel kit for yourself. All you would need are a few simple tools to install the kit. Here is how you can easily install a fireplace mantel surround.

1: Position the mantel around the fireplace

In the first step of installing the fireplace mantel surround, you should carefully and evenly adjust the frame around your fireplace. At this time, make sure that the mantel is extended at an equal distance from both sides. To be extra sure, you could take the help of a measuring tape and torpedo level to ensure that the mantelpiece is perfectly horizontal from all sides.

2: Mark its territory                        

In this step, you would require a pencil or a piece of chalk, which would help create an outline around the mantel edges along the fireplace’s top and sides. Now put the mantel away from the fireplace and place it on a smooth surface, facing down. Now mark the location of the mountain board by making another set of lines. This would serve as the outer edges. You can measure the cleat by fitting it into the back of the mantel in the manner it would be on the wall. Measure the length from the bottom edge of the mantel to the top edge of the cleat. If you want, you can also measure the inside of the mantel from the edge to just above the place of positioning.

3: Prepare the mounting boards:

The mounting boards can be attached to the wall which surrounds the hearth. It is recommended to use a minimum of three boards, 1 for each side and top. Measure the mounting boards against the new marking on the wall and cut the cleats to size. The top clean should be one foot shorter than the shelf. Dry for the mounting boards.

4: Locate and mark the wall studs.

If the mantel is being fixed on to drywall, attach the cleats to 3 studs and mark the middle stud along the cleat line. You could use a stud finder to find one. They are usually spaced 16 inches apart.

5: Attach the mountain boards to the wall

The mountain board can be attached to the wall using the cleat. Make sure the bottom edges of the cleat line up against the top of the second line. Use a level to ensure that the cleats are completely vertical.

6: Mount the fireplace mantel

Push the mantel against the wall and make sure the mantel fits and holds its position. You could insert drills into the cleat and through the mantel.

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