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How to Install Metal Roofing – Quick Step-by-Step of the Process

Roofing is one of the most important parts of a home. It protects you from the elements and keeps your family safe. If you’re looking to replace your roof or just want to make some small repairs, this article will take you through all the steps you need to know about installing metal roofing.

Step One: Obtain the Required Permits 

In most locales, any home renovation project costing more than $5,000 will require you to obtain a work permit. Since each area has different regulations on this, you’ll need to contact your town or city’s building inspector to see what is required. Learn more on our website at

Step Two: Measure Your Roof Area

A good rule of thumb is that no matter the size of your roof, you’ll want to purchase between 10 to 15% more in case you make any cutting errors.  

Step Three: Buy the Materials for Your Roof 

The trick here is to buy the right material for your roofing needs. You’ll need to purchase the above amount of square footage (remember 10-15% more) plus self-tapping screws with washers; your metal type and sheet type will help determine how much you buy. However, most suppliers offer installation guides for this. 

Step 4: Tear Down Old Roofing

You may need to rent a dumpster for this step to haul away any waste from the disposal of your old roof and installation of your new one. Begin at the peak of your roof and work your way across and down. If there are any nails sticking up, either hammer them all the way in or pull them out and dispose of them. 

Step 5: Prep The Area and Make Needed Repairs:

You’ll want your tear down and workspace prep phase done when it’s dry out to prevent your roof from getting water on it after you’ve stripped away the underlayment. If your roof has any damage or rot, you’ll need to replace it at this time and clear the roof of any dest or debris. 

Step 6: Roll Out Roof Underlayment & Install Edging

Roof underlayment material comes in rolls that span 100 square feet with widths ranging between 3 and 4 feet. With the adhesive side down and a couple of inches of overhang over your gables, begin rolling your insulating material out lengthwise across your roof. 

Once this is done, then, it’s time to install edging. Your eave flashing will line the bottom edge of your roof around the same location as your gutters. You do not have to remove your gutters for this step. 

Step 7: Install Metal Panels

Use a chalk line on your panels to mark screw points. Begin six inches from the top of each panel, then snap additional lines every two feet further down.  Using your metal-to-wood screws, fasten each panel along snapped lines. Where the panels overlap, use the #12 self-tapping screws to join them together. If you live in an area that’s exposed to the elements, use a bead of silicone sealant before driving in each screw. 

Cost of Installing a Metal Roof

The cost to install metal roofing can vary significantly based on the type of roofing material you use, the size of your roof, and whether you are installing a new roof or replacing an existing one.

However, the average cost of installing a metal roof is around $2,000.

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