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Important Information Regarding Oak Flooring

Adding an excellent floor to a home is a perfect way of adding to its beauty. Choosing an ideal type of floor should be the first consideration before the actual purchase. A perfect flooring should fit different décor styles.

An oak flooring will add to your home’s beauty and make the house look luxurious. This article will compile important information you need to know about an oak floor.

What Is An Oak Floor?

An oak floor is simply a floor made from oak wood. Oak has been used in flooring for many years and has proved itself to be much valuable. Besides being used in flooring, oak is also an excellent choice for your home and office furniture. An oak flooring looks fantastic on your space while adding to its quality and value.

Features Of Oak Wood

  • The wood has excellent strength and hardness since oak is a hardwood tree
  • It has more tannin
  • Its usage dates back to the Middle Ages, where the Vikings used it to build ships as well as panelling buildings’ interiors
  • Its density is 0.75g/cm3
  • It resists fungal and insect attacks
  • Its structure has appealing grains
  • It is common in furniture and floor making

Pros And Cons Of Using Oak Floors


  • Oak will improve the quality of your home since people consider it a high-end material
  • Oak has a long lifespan, especially when treated with a high-quality finish. Generally, oak is resistant to fungus and insects and wear and tear; thus, using it guarantees that your floor will last longer
  • As a natural material, it is eco-friendly
  • It will add to the beauty of your room since it is pretty beautiful, especially when used with an ideal interior design
  • An oak floor is not challenging to maintain. All you need to do is consistently sweeping the floor plus an occasional mop. Using an oak-cleaning reagent when mopping will improve the floor’s lifespan


  • When directed to sunlight for long periods, oak floors will fade
  • The floor can easily get pierced or scratched by sharp, heavy materials
  • The floors can be ruined quickly by spills

Types Of Oak Flooring

There exist three known types of oak flooring. They include; solid oak, engineered oak, and oak laminate.

Solid Oak

Solid oak is easily sanded and treated since it is a hardwearing natural material. Solid oak floors are made from solid pieces of oak wood. The wooden parts are cut in a tongue-and-groove profile installed on the subfloor through nailing.

Engineered Oak

Engineered oak floors are also made of oak wood, though not much strong like solid oak. An engineered oak comprises a top oak wood layer bonded to some softwood plies to give dimensional stability and uniformity. It is available in various edge profiles like ‘click’ flooring and tongue-and-groove. This oak floor can either be stapled or nailed on the subfloor. It is sometimes installed in a way that it floats over the subfloor too.

Oak Laminate

Oak laminate is relatively rich in color than solid oak and engineered oak. Despite having a hardwood floor look, laminate oak flooring is also the cheapest among the three. However, it cannot be sanded since it has a relatively thin top veneer.


Historically, oak has been used as a sign of luxury. Oak flooring is the best hardwood flooring you can ever get. It is incredibly durable and guarantees a prestigious and sophisticated look to your space.

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