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Interior Design Trends to Gear up for Fall in Seattle

As the temperature starts to dip, it’s time to gear up for fall. While you are getting out the sweaters, starting to cook soups, and are preparing for shorter Seattle days, you may also want to start thinking about updating your for fall. Giving your Seattle home a new design for fall can change the energy of your house and get you ready for the new season. There are some trends that can give you a new space that is also of-the-moment.

Choose your colors

When you want to update your home, painting is an obvious choice. But you don’t have to just paint a whole room. One trend that is here to stay is adding accent walls, to give any room of your house color, without repainting the entire space. Accent walls aren’t only for paint, they can also be created using wallpaper, and prints are definitely in for 2022. An accent wall can work well in a hallway, or behind a kitchen sink or open shelf cabinet. Above your sink in a bathroom is another area worth considering. What’s great about accent walls is that they aren’t as much of a commitment as painting an entire room in your house, so you can experiment with a bold color and swap it out when you need a change.

Time travel

One way to update your home on a budget is by opting for vintage or used furniture instead of new. You can find vintage furniture almost anywhere, and you may need to keep your eye out for a while before you find the piece of your dreams at a consignment sale or vintage store. Going vintage is also a major design trend for 2022. Vintage pieces can work for oversized chairs, side tables and mirrors. Remember that you can always refinish any furniture that you buy to give it some extra life. Mixing vintage and new furniture is a way to update what you already have in your home, for a more layered approach.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

As the days get shorter and darker, you can also think about adding darker hues to your home. Dark accents are another trend for 2022, and it can apply to walls, bathroom fixtures, or wood. One important feature to keep in mind is that you’ll want to be sure to mix dark and light as too much dark can make your room feel smaller. Start with one update and then see how it balances with the rest of your color palette, instead of going too dark at once. Real estate agents talk about how following design trends can help make a home more desirable to potential buyers.

Mixed media

To update your home without spending a dime, you can also move around the decor you already have in your home. Mixed textures and colors are a major trend for 2022 and this can give you the freedom to mix colors and textures that you may not have thought were a match in the past. You might move a rug from your bedroom to the living room, or move that oversized chair from the living room to your bedroom. Natural fibers and metals, wood and fabric, and pieces from different decades can all play together in 2022.

The start of a new season is an ideal time to give your home a refresh, with these updates you’ll also give your home a modern look.

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