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Interior Paint Colors for 2022: Color Trends to Look Out for

Have you ever found yourself in a room where the feeling is different? The impression is majorly produced by interior painting. Patterns, moldings, and murals add a fresh dimension which furthermore intensifies the painting job.

Interior painting is a great tool for Increasing the internal appearances of a structure. It also protects a building from damages caused by moisture, corrosion, mold, and insects.

An interior painter is a decorator whose duty is to paint and make more magic happens with beautiful decorations

What Are the Most Popular Interior Paint Colors for 2022?

For interior painters and homeowners who are interested in the most popular interior paint colors for 2022, here are notable mentions. If you want more information about interior painting, you can visit our website at

  • Pantone’s Very Peri 17-3938

It has blues traits and a violet-red undertone

  • Periwinkle Blue

It has been a complementary color and has been in trend in the past.

  • October Mist from Benjamin Moore

It’s a palette part of Benjamin Moore’s 2022 color styles palette, with primary hues, botanical shades, and pale tones.

  • Evergreen Fog of Sherwin-Williams

Its soft and gentle green is good for your interior painting.

  • Opt for Moody Hues

When an interior painter adds little dark and soft colors of moody hue, you will always get it right.

  • Raccoon Fur from Benjamin Moore

It’s another great hue from Benjamin Moore. This lovely blue undertone holds light contrary throughout the day. You can use it in cabinets painting

  • Vibrant and Earthy Hues

One of the popular interior painting trends for this year and worth mentioning is the Vibrant and Earthy Hues, earthy and organic shades.

  • Warm Neutrals

It’s a hue that’s useful for adding depth and character. Some colors are perceived as natural. In interior painting with warm neutral tones in mind, White Dove From Benjamin Moore is an option.

  • Feather Gray From Pratt and Lambert

It’s an upgrade from traditional neutral and sophisticated.

  • Drop Cloth by Farrow and Ball Drop

It can be used on kitchen cabinets because it’s neutral and complements bronze and brass plumbing faucets.

What Will Be the Color of 2022?

Individuals respond to color differently. Therefore the most popular interior paint color focuses on bringing a peaceful, serene existence into your house. Professionals are now ensuring that color that brings health and stability is being prioritized, and thus it’s movements that most foresee to grow in the year 2022.

Individuals are now eager to stay at home due to the outbreak of Covids 19; therefore, there’s less of a party, and people are more conscious of their health. Sherwin-Williams, an American paint and coating manufacturing company, declared Evergreen Fog _ resembling soft and gentle green the year’s color for 2022. Interior painting for the year 2022 is expected to follow this trend.

According to ForbesAdvisor, Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, said, “Evergreen Fog encourages us to start again and is a great choice for modern interior and exteriors.”

Evergreen Fog can be used in interior painting due to its versatile nature and fit into virtually any design mode. It brings a regenerative touch and can be used in hotel rooms, offices, or restaurants. It’s a composed color that can be used in areas for relaxation, such as lounges. Also, you can incorporate it in lobbies to create a welcoming environment.

What the soft green depicts is probably a return to the further quieted palette. The choice for greens is on a high. Also, Benjamin Moore, a famous brand, chose October Mist 1495 as the Benjamin Moore hue of the year. The October Mist creates room for creativeness, generating canvas for other colors.

October mist has a balance, and healing energy interior painting may enhance. In rooms such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and meditation or relaxation room. It can also be useful for office interior painting to make a stress-free environment at work. It’s wonderful to add a natural feel to your home if it’s your intention.

Pantone confirmed its year’s color by establishing Pantone 17- 3938 Very Peri. It has the blues qualities and simultaneously maintains a violet red undertone. It’s a color that motivates fearless creativeness and imagination.

As everyone sees color as a means of communication and expressing ideas and emotions, Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri accentuates more options for interior painting.

Is Greige Still Popular in 2022?

Greige is the color you get when you blend beige with gray. The color is vibrant and can work in cool and cozy hue designs. Whether your gray will be cool or neutral depends on the beige t gray mix ratio.

The union between gray and beige gives birth to a light and airy neutral color known as beige. It was most popular in 2021, and experts predicted its demand to cool down. However, if you select a grieve color for your interior painting, have it in mind that your house will go on looking extraordinary.

What’s the Lucky Color Next Year, 2022?

For better earnings and good luck regarding love in the year 2022, according to karma weather, the lucky colors obtained from elements like wood, water, fire, and earth are water mint green, cerulean blue, less fiery red, and imperial yellow.

They increase luck on those who wear them.

What Is the Style for 2022?

Interior design is not just about color, especially when it comes to wall painting. When you add styles with the right color combination, your home can be more elegant and fascinating.

A trending color for interior painting is green. A style you can adopt this year is to match the green with soft furnishings. With green paint, rustic polish like woven furnishings, and rattan cane make it look tremendous.

When opting for Pantone Very Peri, the best way of styling is to use furnishing in this hue, and you can also use a periwinkle blue accent wall. Quirky furnishes also combine nicely with this shade. It’s a style you can consider for your child’s bedroom.


Color affects our daily lives. The harmonious blending of your room wall color with your sofa’s many shades and other elements in your room gives a joyful space.

Interior painting for 2022 can integrate the color trends and style examined earlier, and you will never get it wrong.

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