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Iqaluit Dental Clinic Looks at Ways Italian Marble Can Increase Your Home’s Value


According to Iqaluit Dental Clinic, natural stones such as Italian marble are expensive, but they are a good investment since they elevate the decor and value of your home to a new level. The best part is that you can incorporate them into many different sections of your house to improve their look and feel and seamlessly blend them with your preferred home decor style.

The Details

Here are a few ways you can use Italian marble to improve the value of your home:

  1. For kitchens – One of the best ways to improve the value of your house and breath new life into it is to upgrade the kitchen. You can invest in high-quality beige or white-coloured Italian marble to create a stunning new kitchen countertop or use them to create an awesome kitchen backsplash. You can even add Italian marble to replace the old kitchen cooktop area or surface of the kitchen island.

Italian marbles are highly sought after since they not only have a classic and luxurious look but are also easy to clean. However, if you use them for your kitchen floors, they will need to be cleaned and maintained much more carefully to preserve their quality.

  1. For bathrooms – High-quality natural stone such as Italian marble fit perfectly in bathroom spaces as bathroom backsplashes. Generally, Italian marble bathroom floors will require more maintenance since bathrooms are a high traffic area.

However, if you want to keep the maintenance to a minimum and yet improve the look and feel of your bathroom, you can add Italian marble as a vanity top and use them to improve details such as the shower seats, inlays, accents, and water features.

  1. For master bedrooms – The master bedroom is a palace to relax and unwind and it needs to feel highly personal. Installing Italian marble floors in your master bedroom can make the space feel personal and infuse it with a sense of serenity.

Italian marble has great heat retaining properties and is thus very comfortable for the cold weather too. With proper cleaning and maintenance, it can turn the master bedroom into a paradise and greatly increase the value of your property

  1. For house exterior – Most people use Italian marble to decorate the interior of their house. And, although it certainly adds value to your property and makes it look more impressive, it cannot compare to an Italian marble exterior finish.

Yes, using natural stones such as Italian marble for your house’s exterior can be more expensive but it makes your property look much more elegant and stately. As a result, it also skyrockets the value of your property.


Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggests considering installing Italian marble in your house for improving the ‘wow factor’ of your property. These natural stones imbue a sense of luxury and opulence and when you place them strategically throughout the house such as in the entrance hall or mudroom, and the specific areas of the house listed above, you can greatly improve the value of your house.

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