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Is Commercial Roof Cleaning Really Worth It? (Expert Advice)

Properly maintaining a commercial roof is one of the most efficient ways to extend the life of the roof and maintain the structural integrity of the building. Don’t forget that the roof is the first defense of the building against the elements. One of the ways to maintain your commercial roof is by cleaning it.

If you are wondering whether commercial roof cleaning is worth it, here we present to you reasons why it should be a part of your maintenance plan. Visit our site at for more information about roof cleaning for your business.

Enhances performance and energy efficiency

To keep your commercial roof at peak performance and energy efficiency throughout its lifespan, getting it regularly cleaned is important. When your roof is clean, the lower surface temperature of the roof will be maintained, thereby reducing energy consumption and extending the lifespan of the roof membrane.

Another advantage of commercial roof cleaning is that it helps rooftop HVAC systems by reducing the temperature of the roof and allowing cooler air into the unit. That means that less energy will be required to maintain comfort within your home. This is especially true if your commercial roof is white, considering that it naturally reflects heat better.

Removes moisture

The first enemy of any roof is moisture. So, it is important that your commercial roof is kept clean and free of things that may retain water such as fallen leaves. This will ensure that your flat roof is not affected by splitting, ponding, or blistering – these can cause your commercial roof to leak. Also, it will prevent your metal roof from rusting.

Exposes potential roof issues

During the commercial roof cleaning process, potential problems can be easily identified. Also, needs for minor repairs can be discovered before they balloon into massive issues. Early discovery of roof problems can prevent them from getting worse to the point that a total roof replacement will be necessary.

If you hire a professional to do the roof cleaning, they are more likely to watch out for any potential problem that may not be visible to an untrained person. Such problems may include hail damage or tiny punctures that may not be detectable to an ordinary cleaner.

Protection from health issues

The presence of mold and algae on your roof is not only an eyesore, but it also poses health threats to the employees in a commercial building. The quality of air within the building can be seriously affected when your HVAC system draws these unwanted things.

Commercial buildings in the southeast are particularly more susceptible to the spread of black algae. This causes damage to the integrity of the roof and even to your company’s reputation. Once your roof is invaded by them, algae can be difficult to eliminate. The way out is to have the roof professionally cleaned to remove the mold and algae and prevent future growth.

Makes future cleaning easier

If you have left your commercial roof unclean for so long, it is likely to have gathered dirt, residue, grime, and other impurities. The good thing is that commercial roof cleaning helps to get rid of this perennially accumulated dirt and future cleaning routine will only get much easier.

Restores the roof’s curb appeal

Your roof is one of the features that give your clients the first impression. A clean roof can leave your clients with the impression that your business pays attention to important details. This makes them feel that you care about them too.

How do you clean a commercial roof?

There are many cleaning methods that can be used for commercial roofs. This includes high-pressure washing, chemical or non-pressure washing, and low-pressure washing. The material of the roof will largely determine the kind of cleaning approach that will be best suited for it. For example, TPO roofs are best cleaned with soft washing.

You may not realize how much goes into roof installation and maintenance until you attempt to do it yourself. Even if you had all the needed tools, roof cleaning required knowledge and skills, especially when you consider the dangers involved. A “simple and easy” cleaning roof can quickly turn into an expensive catastrophe if handled by experienced hands. More so, a wrong move during the cleaning can leave your roof worse than it ever was.

That is why it is important that you let professional roofing contractors handle your roof cleaning. They have the necessary tools, experience, and expertise to get the job done.


Considering all the many benefits of commercial roof cleaning, it is apparent that it is really worth it. With a proactive roof maintenance routine, the lifespan of the roof is maintained and problems can be detected before they become massive. Above all, ensure that your commercial roof cleaning is handled by professionals to get the maximum benefits of roof cleaning.

Check out Better Business Bureau to verify a contractor’s reputation before hiring them.

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