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Learn How To Use Detergent Effectively In House Cleaning

The good old detergent, for example, is a powerful ally of household hygiene by euromaids cleaning company, as it has different versions, can be used on different surfaces, and is found in values ​​that suit all budgets. First of all, it is essential to know what types of detergents are on the market and what each is for.

Biodegradable Detergents

They have this name because they are susceptible to degradation by micro-organisms present in the water. Detergents become biodegradable when the amount of phosphate present in the detergent is reduced—remembering that only gel detergents used for washing dishes are biodegradable. Powder and bar soaps remain in nature for an extended period; for this reason, they need to be pretreated before disposal.

Neutral Detergent

It is the most used in daily cleaning homes and does not damage the floor.

Acid Detergent

It is indicated for heavy cleanings, such as dirt caused in the post-work (cement, oils, grease, etc.).

Alkaline Detergent

Removes all types of dirt, except for those of mineral origin. It must be used with care so as not to damage the floor.

But, in addition to checking the PH of the detergent, you’re going to buy. Following the tips above, it’s essential to read the instructions on the package before starting the cleaning, so you don’t run the risk of damaging any area. Chlorine-containing products should be avoided on surfaces such as granite, marble, and colored floors. It is also essential to know how to use chlorinated products; otherwise, they can stain a particular surface forever. Concentrated dishwashing detergents are perfect for cleaning and are safer.

One of the significant advantages of detergents is their saving power. It is possible to do an effective cleaning with a small amount of the product: concentrated cleaning products are ideal for being diluted in water. There are also cleaning products in standard packaging and sprinklers (these are more economical, as there is less waste at the time of application). Concentrated dishwashing detergents are more robust, and with just a few drops, they can efficiently wash the dishes.

The economy of the product is also due to the conscientious use when cleaning. The amount of detergent and the foam it makes will not dictate the quality of cleaning said euromaids cleaning company. On the contrary, the excess product can dull and stain the surface. Therefore, in addition to diluting with water, it is essential to remove all the solution from the clean area with a damp cloth; in this way, the cleaning will be complete.

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