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Mark Roemer Oakland Examines Types of Doors for Your Future Home


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, all types of doors can be bought for your home. Apart from the materials like wood, metal, or fiberglass, there are numerous styles that you can choose from. Let’s check out some of the best types of doors for your future home:

The Doors

  1. Dutch door – You may have come across this type of door multiple times but may not know their name. The Dutch door has a unique design with different panels that separate the top and bottom sections. The horizontal division isn’t apparent when both the panels are closed but comes as a surprise to many guests when they encounter it for the first time. You can use this type of door for either the back or front entrances or for your kitchen. The paneling makes it easy for pets to go out or come in and also brings other types of convenience.
  1. Battened and ledged door – This type of door is one of the simplest options you can get for your home. There are no hinges. That means small hardware doesn’t need to bear the weight of a heavy door. Instead, you get wooden battens secured to a ledge that may be present at the top, on the side, or the bottom. While it is highly practical, the aesthetics aren’t for everyone. If you get a home with wooden elements and accents as the primary theme, it can look wonderful. People usually use this door inside their home for separating two large spaces.
  1. Sliding door – Sliding doors are great for large openings and in rooms that connect you to the outside. You can use them for the back entrance as well. It can show you your garden and porch since the panels are usually made from fiberglass with an aluminum frame. These doors move on a metal track and hence don’t intrude into your space in any way. It’s great for anyone who wants a minimalist, clean and refined look. 
  1. French doors – If you’re looking to make a statement then you should install these doors in your home. The mechanism works on simple hinges like regular doors. However, the frame with thick wood and thin wooden grid structure makes it a serious looker. It creates a pleasant aesthetic at home and also gives you a grand view of the outside.
  1. Pocket doors – These doors are usually for bathrooms, closets, and other small rooms inside your home. They allow you to move in and out of an area easily and take very little space. If you plan to live in a studio apartment or other types of small homes, this option is the best.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you check out all the different types of doors before you make a choice. Some would be great for the main entrance while others may be more suited for the rooms or the back entrance that opens to your porch.

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